Mobile World Congress Opens with Samsung's Galaxy S9

Episode 1466 (01:10)

Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus

Samsung announced the Galaxy S9 at Mobile World Congress this morning. Leo originally thought that Apple's $1,000 price tag on the iPhone X would influence mobile phone prices moving forward, but Samsung chose to only raise the price a bit, by comparison, starting at $720 for the 64GB version. You can trade in your older models to get a better price. You can also get $100 off if you buy from Best Buy. Leo says, however, that you don't get any benefit by paying more for larger storage considering the Android phones have a microSD slot for additional storage.

Why get an S9? Leo says that the S9 has a dual lens camera now, providing better coverage in low light. It also has a super slow-mo mode of over 900 fps, four times that of the iPhone. That means you can really slow down the action. And yes, there's a headphone jack. No, there's no notch.It has both facial recognition and a fingerprint reader. Leo says it's a pretty nice phone, but the problem is their TouchWiz overlay, which is their own "special sauce" on the Android OS. But for the price, it's a pretty good deal.