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Episode 1466 February 25, 2018

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Audience Questions

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Watch Todd from Riverside, CA Comments

Todd's pro-level support with Dell expired right as his Wi-Fi stopped working. When he turns it on, it just keeps turning back off. Is it broken or is the software doing something? Leo says there is a function key on the keyboard that can turn off the Wi-Fi, and if it's sticking, that could be causing the problem. If it's a business laptop, it may also have a switch on the side that can turn it off. Driver issues may also be causing it, so he should go to Dell and download all the latest motherboard drivers. Windows has a power saving mode that could also turn off Wi-Fi, so he should look in the settings to see if it has "Turn Off Wi-Fi" enabled. These are the most likely culprits, but it could be that there's a physical hardware issue, since Todd's laptop is five years old.

Watch John from North Carolina Comments

John is working on a Windows 7 computer that has trouble shutting down. It just keeps restarting. Leo says that's not unusual, especially for an older system like Windows 7. Chances are, the OS has never been reinstalled, and there's a lot of "kruft" that prevents an orderly shutdown (called "bitrot").

It could also be due to a flakey update that didn't install completely, corrupting a driver. At this stage, the only real solution is to back up his data, wipe the drive, and reinstall Windows. John can download a copy of Windows 7 at at here. He can follow these instructions to create his own install disc.

Watch Paul from Louisville, KY Comments

Paul has gotten into Linux, but Carbonite doesn't support it, so he opted for CrashPlan instead. They're moving away from consumer support, though. What's his option for online backup with Linux?

Leo says that DropBox is always an option for his data. He should just back up the mission critical documents folder by dropping it into his DropBox folder. It works just like Windows. Deja Dup can backup to Amazon S3, which is online cloud backup. It will require two secret keys, and then Deja Dup will upload to S3. That would be a much better way to go.

(Disclaimer: Carbonite is a sponsor)

Audience QuestionsHour 2

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Watch Brian from Nashville, TN Comments

Brian wants to know how safe online encryption is. Leo says that as long as he has the only encryption key, he's safe. But if he doesn't even trust that, then Leo suggests using his own Network Attached Storage. Leo uses Synology, and he syncs it to all his computers using the web.

Watch Nick from Marina Del Rey, CA Comments

Nick has an iPhone 6S that he uses as a backup phone. He wants to unlock it for a trip to Europe, but neither T-Mobile nor Apple can unlock it. What can he do? Leo says that T-Mobile should be able to unlock it. It's their carrier lock. Leo recommends tweeting John Legere of T-Mobile (@JohnLegere). He pays attention to his Twitter feed and Leo bets he'll get back to him with someone to talk to.

Leo says he could also go to an independent cell phone store. They have great talent to unlock phones and could solve it.

Watch Barb from Rancho Mirage, CA Comments

Barb keeps getting a popup that says she needs to update her drivers, and it wants her to pay for it. Leo says that Barb is right to be suspicious about it. Drivers are free from the manufacturer. The popups come from the browser and websites can use that to try and get her to buy stuff. Chances are, her granddaughter went to a site triggered popups. Can she get rid of them? Leo says she can use a popup blocker in her browser to do it. It's in her browser settings. There's also uBlock Origin, a plugin that will eliminate the advertising she sees online. Another idea that Leo recommends is using a Chromebook instead.

Audience QuestionsHour 3

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Watch Frank from Tennessee Comments

Frank's daughter bought him an iPad to use for FaceTime while she's in China. How does he learn to do it? Leo says that there's a great series of books called The Missing Manual by David Pogue. He has one on the iPad that Chuck will find useful.

Watch John from Troy, NY Comments

John had to get Quicken 2018 because his version was going to stop working. So he installed it and it's not working. It says it's missing files it needs and it won't let him reinstall it. Leo says that if he installs a backup of his old Quicken data, it could solve the problem. What Leo suggests is fully uninstalling the old program. Then he should reinstall the new program and import his data. A clean install is what's needed here.

Quicken offers an uninstaller called QCleanUI which will uninstall any leftover program files that was left behind from removing the previous version. John should use that first, then start from scratch.

Watch Dale from Santa Monica, CA Comments

Dale wants to use a Bluetooth mic and headsets for giving audio tours. Leo says that there are plenty of them to choose from for this. Dale should check out this Wireless Tour Guide System on Amazon.

Watch Kevin from Mizzoula, MT Comments

Kevin's mobile phone needs to be updated, but he can't because there's not enough room. Leo says that Kevin's phone probably has too little storage. He may need to wipe the phone and restore it to factory default settings, and then try updating it. Kevin should backup his data first and then give that a try. If that doesn't work, there's simply not enough room for the latest update and he's out of luck. The extra benefit of wiping and reinstalling is that it will clear out any bad popups or kruft left behind by old apps.

Kevin should check out this page at found by ScooterX in the chatroom.

Watch Neil from Miami, FL Comments

Neil is trying to find an app that will do timelines that he saw in a product image for the iPad on Apple's website. Leo says that OmniGroup's OmniPlan is the king of project management. MikeMan says that PIXXA is best. ScooterX says that people want to know what that featured app was on Apple's site, but so far, it's unknown.

Watch Edward from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Edward has a car with keyless entry and has heard that they can be opened if someone has a digital amplifier. Leo says that's true and it's extremely cheap to do. That's why Leo recommends an RF Shield pouch that will block out any radio signal that comes from his fob. There are dozens on Amazon, like this one here. The key is to make sure he keeps it sealed.