Why can't I recover Windows?

Episode 1464 (1:36:13)

Melita from California
Windows 10

Melita tried installing the Spectre Meltdown patches and now she's having issues with Windows. Leo says that the problem may be due to the antivirus companies not updating so that she can install it. Microsoft has to update Windows Defender with a patch to her registry that says it's ready. She tried doing a system recovery to reinstall Windows and now she can't do anything. Leo suspects that Melita may be having issues with her hard drive. Or her optical CD install discs have gone bad. It could also be a larger motherboard failure, like a dead motherboard battery. It could be a host of things. Leo recommends downloading a Windows 7 installation disc, putting it on a USB key and formatting the hard drive. Then she can install from the USB key. She'll need the serial key.

If that doesn't work, then it may be time to buy a new computer.