How can I get the audio from my satellite receiver to my analog speakers?

Episode 1464 (1:21:02)

Peter from Santa Clarita, CA
Component Video + Digital Coaxial and Digital Optical Audio to HDMI Converter

Peter switched from one satellite company to another. On his old satellite receiver, he had an HDMI output he could run to his TV and RCA audio outputs that he could run to his outdoor speaker system. his new unit no longer has the RCA audio output. It has an AV Out, a 1010 round port, and a digital audio out. How can he convert the audio? Leo says he can get a little dongle that could convert either the digital audio out or even from the HDMI out. He would need an adapter that will strip the audio out of it. The reason they provide an optical port is that so many speaker systems have optical in now. What he'll need is a DAC, digital audio converter, and he'll need to get one that has the particular optical connector that he has on the back of that, which is probably TOSLINK. To not get ripped off, Peter should go to Monoprice for this.

Leo recommends this one from Monoprice. There's also one from Walmart here, and Amazon here.