Can I update an old Cloudbook?

Episode 1464 (1:26:53)

Roger from Colorado
Acer Cloudbook

Roger has a similar Acer Cloudbook that can't be updated. Can he turn it into a Chromebook? Leo says it's possible. There are online open source Chromebook installs out there. Another option is to use Windows Media Tool to create a USB key to create an install of Windows 10. Then he could try installing that.

It may be that these old Cloudbooks are simply not designed to be updated with large updates. But here's the thing — the fall creator's update is a "features" update. It's not critical for security. Roger should update the security patches, but he shouldn't fret over the Creative Update. It's optional.

Dana called in to say that using the Windows Media Tool and doing a fresh install does the trick. He did it on his Cloudbook.