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Episode 1464 February 18, 2018

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Audience Questions

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Watch Ed from Tulsa, CA Comments

Ed has a Google mesh router system and he wants to be able to get Wi-Fi out in his barn, which is 100' away. Can he get another mesh unit or should he do ethernet? Leo says that if he has a window, then he could put a mesh unit on the windowsill, and another in the window of a barn so they would have line-of-sight connectivity. It's certainly worth a try. Ed could also try powerline networking if the barn and his home are on the same junction. The other option is to use a Wi-Fi antenna. Leo recommends going to for what the best Wi-Fi antenna option is.

Watch Mark from Costa Mesa, CA Comments

Mark does a podcast called PlotPoints and he's learned so much that he's teaching how to produce podcasts now. His frustration now is that he gets a lot of mic bleed in the audio. Leo says to make sure his microphones are directional, and not the omnidirectional condenser type. Many inexpensive mics have that problem.

Leo recommends the Shure SM-58. Behringer's X Air Mixer is also great for changing the mix as each person talks. It's called "AutoMixing."

Watch Melanie from Irvine, CA Comments

Melanie finally got Google to reset her password and now she wants to know how she can prevent having her account hacked in the future. Leo says that the first thing is to have a recovery phone number and a different email for recovery. Then she should turn on 2-factor authentication. Making her password really difficult to crack is a good idea. Leo recommends using a password vault, like LastPass, and have it generate her passwords. Then she only has to remember LastPass's password and it will take care of the rest.

Watch Gary from New Jersey Comments

Gary wants a good cross-platform calendar application. Leo says that Google Calendar is best because it uses the open source standard CalDAV. It's cross-platform and he can invite people to specific events, or he can get a link that he can send out to people. That link will then open the calendar in whatever calendar app they use.

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Watch Andy from Westminster, CA Comments

Andy has a loved one with dementia that tends to walk off. He wants to know if there's a tracker that is hidden in a necklace or something that he can have her wear so he can track her. Leo says that this category is popular for parents wanting to keep track of their kids. He should check out the Pocketfinder outdoor personal GPS tracker. He can also get a list of the ten best wearable GPS devices at

The site A Place for Mom is another great place to go.

Watch Roger from Connecticut Comments

Roger wants to know how he can capture a video stream on his computer. Leo recommends Applian Replay Video Capture for Mac. There's a free trial, and then it's $30 after that. A free solution is OBS Studio.

Watch Diane from Chicago, IL Comments

Diane wants to know how to remove someone from her Google Calendar. Leo says it's likely pulling the information from her address book in Google contacts or her PC contacts. She should look for the entry and delete anything she doesn't want to keep track of, and it will disappear.

Diane also wants to save her music from her phone to her computer. Leo says DoubleTwist is the app for that.

Watch Greg from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Greg has an old, inactive Google account, but when he tries to recover his password, it won't verify. Leo says it's possible that the account was deleted due to inactivity. The chatroom points to this support article at for recovering a lost account. Though Greg's account isn't lost, maybe treating it as a lost account could solve the problem.

Watch Peter from Santa Clarita, CA Comments

Peter switched from one satellite company to another. On his old satellite receiver, he had an HDMI output he could run to his TV and RCA audio outputs that he could run to his outdoor speaker system. his new unit no longer has the RCA audio output. It has an AV Out, a 1010 round port, and a digital audio out. How can he convert the audio? Leo says he can get a little dongle that could convert either the digital audio out or even from the HDMI out. He would need an adapter that will strip the audio out of it. The reason they provide an optical port is that so many speaker systems have optical in now. What he'll need is a DAC, digital audio converter, and he'll need to get one that has the particular optical connector that he has on the back of that, which is probably TOSLINK. To not get ripped off, Peter should go to Monoprice for this.

Leo recommends this one from Monoprice. There's also one from Walmart here, and Amazon here.

Watch Roger from Colorado Comments

Roger has a similar Acer Cloudbook that can't be updated. Can he turn it into a Chromebook? Leo says it's possible. There are online open source Chromebook installs out there. Another option is to use Windows Media Tool to create a USB key to create an install of Windows 10. Then he could try installing that.

It may be that these old Cloudbooks are simply not designed to be updated with large updates. But here's the thing — the fall creator's update is a "features" update. It's not critical for security. Roger should update the security patches, but he shouldn't fret over the Creative Update. It's optional.

Dana called in to say that using the Windows Media Tool and doing a fresh install does the trick. He did it on his Cloudbook.

Audience QuestionsHour 3

Hour 1 Hour 2 Hour 3
Watch Melita from California Comments

Melita tried installing the Spectre Meltdown patches and now she's having issues with Windows. Leo says that the problem may be due to the antivirus companies not updating so that she can install it. Microsoft has to update Windows Defender with a patch to her registry that says it's ready. She tried doing a system recovery to reinstall Windows and now she can't do anything. Leo suspects that Melita may be having issues with her hard drive. Or her optical CD install discs have gone bad. It could also be a larger motherboard failure, like a dead motherboard battery. It could be a host of things. Leo recommends downloading a Windows 7 installation disc, putting it on a USB key and formatting the hard drive. Then she can install from the USB key. She'll need the serial key.

If that doesn't work, then it may be time to buy a new computer.

Watch David from San Francisco, CA Comments

David is having problems with his Dell laptop. It autoscrolls when he opens a window and goes straight down to the bottom. It doesn't matter what he opens. Leo says that it's possible that the trackpad or keyboard are pressed or stuck. There may be some cruft in the key that's causing it to stick, or there's some "schmutz" on the trackpad that is giving a false positive and causing the problem. David should check his external mouse and keyboard as well.

Watch Richard from West LA Comments

Richard uses Android auto when he's driving. Does that work in another country? Leo says yes. It's connected to either Waze or Google Maps, and both are international.

Watch Curtis from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Curtis is frustrated that his Samsung TV Bluetooth keyboard can't be seen by his computer. Leo says it probably just needs to be paired if his computer supports Bluetooth. It has to 'shake hands' with his keyboard and computer before he can try that.

Watch Greg from Mobile, AL Comments

Greg's granddaughter likes to draw. What can he get her that will work? Leo says that an iPad Pro with the Apple Pencil is fantastic and she could do real artwork with it. There are great apps that she can use on it. There are two sizes, 10.5" and 12.9". It's the closest thing to actually drawing on paper she'll find, especially in that price range. ProCreate is the ideal app for art and drawing.

Watch Jan from Washington Comments

Jan has an iPhone 6 and she's worried that someone is hacking into her digital wallet and getting her credit card. Leo says it's probably not the case. More likely, she inadvertently activated Apple Pay, which she can do if she presses the home button twice. Pressing the home button again makes it go away. It's designed that way to make it easy to pay with Apple Pay quickly when the screen is locked.

Can she use more than one thumbprint on Touch ID? Leo says no. She can use fingers on both hands. But if it doesn't open, it may need to be retrained.