Why don't I get the internet speed I was promised?

Episode 1463 (11:51)

Johnny from Atlanta, GA
Ethernet Cable

Johnny upgraded his Comcast internet bandwidth to gigabit service. But when he went to Fast.com to test it, it was only a 1/3 the promised speed. Is he getting ripped off? Leo says that Wi-Fi can slow down bandwidth a bit due to congestion. He should try hardwiring to his modem with ethernet and see if it speeds up. The age of his computer network card can also slow it down if it's older. He would need a gigabit network card to handle the throughput.

At the end of the day, there's always a weak link in the chain and he just has to find it. Also, testing with a variety of speed tests can also give him a more accurate reading. Fast.com tests for Netflix streaming and 300 Mbps is just fine. He's paying for 1 GB per second, but it's rare to get the full speed. He should note that it always says "up to." Also, Comcast will do an initial burst at 1GB and then slow it down after the initial streaming starts. If Johnny can get it up to 600 or 700 Mbps, that's pretty good and the best that he can realistically expect.

Leo doesn't think Johnny is being ripped off. He just needs to tweak it some.