Why does HDMI drop out on my AV receiver?

Episode 1461 (55:23)

Tom from Pasadena, CA
Samsung 4K TV

Tom is having an issue with his Samsung 4K TV. The HDMI through his AV Receiver drops and he has to reacquire it. Leo says that it all comes down to his source. There's a feature called Consumer Electronics Control (CEC) that allows a streaming box to switch his AV Receiver automatically. It's annoying and happens to Leo all the time. So he should check his source in the AV Receiver. Then he should disable CEC everywhere. Samsung calls this feature "AnyNet Plus."

Another issue is that the HDMI can just drop the AV signal with a smart TV. But unplugging his system, while forcing a renegotiation, could cause other problems. It's best not to force it.