Johnny Jet on Travel Tech

Episode 1461 (1:13:31)

Johnny Jet

Johnny Jet says you can sometimes save money buying your airline tickets at the last minute. Some tips - don't bring a bag. Get the right credit card to gain access to the clubs. Stick with one airline to get upgraded. TSA PreCheck is very helpful. Make a single connection, and you can save half the cost of a first class or business class ticket. Search, and price it out with Google Flights and then book directly with the airline. The trick is to use multiple sites. Check alternate airports. Book a Hotel at the last minute with Hotel Tonight, and if you have elite status with a Hotel company, you can save a lot too.

Also, when traveling, check this CDC map for flu outbreaks. And also avoid the check-in kiosk, as well as the seats in the terminal. They're a very dirty place to catch a cold. So bring Purell and some wipes, wipe it down. Bring a mask.