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Episode 1460 February 4, 2018

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Audience Questions

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Watch Mike from Portland, OR Comments

Mike is looking for a dock for his MacBook Pro since it only has the one USB-C connector. Leo says that he uses one from Other World Computing. Apple has confused everything with USB-C because it can connect to Thunderbolt 3 or USB 3, and it really doesn't specify what works and what doesn't. On top of that, there's only one port.

Mike will want a dock that has Thunderbolt 3 support. The WireCutter has an article about the best USB-C adapters, cables, and hubs here. Leo also mentions Henge Docks, which makes a product called Stone. This can also double as a wedge to place the MacBook on.

Watch David from British Columbia Comments

David's office uses a shipping container as an office and they have to use an external antenna to pick up the wireless signal, but it only connects to one computer. Can the external antenna be connected to a router? Leo says yes, it can, but the Wi-Fi standard is unique and router connectors vary. He'll need to go somewhere that can bundle the router with an attachable antenna to get the right match.

Leo recommends going to, but the chatroom says that is a good source too.

Watch Dave from Seattle, WA Comments

Dave is a MoviePass user and he just got an email that it won't be honored at nine different AMC theaters. The service costs is $90 a year.

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Watch Bonnie from Riverside, CA Comments

Bonnie uses Eset's Smart Security, But she recently saw that an external intruder was blocked. She's worried that while her PC was safe, her other devices may have been compromised. Leo says that Bonnie's router probably blocked the bad traffic that comes lurking. There are bots that are looking for security holes, though. Getting attacked is normal, but the router will handle 90% of the attacks. The rest is covered by antivirus. Her cell phone IP address changes constantly, so it's mostly pretty safe.

Watch Noel from Huntington beach, CA Comments

Noel wants to use Voice Over IP for his office telephones. What does he need to look for? Leo says that Latency is the key. The longer the latency, the more annoying the delay in a conversation. Dropped packets is another issue in VoIP. Is that due to not having enough bandwidth? Leo says no. Voice doesn't take up a lot of bandwidth. But in an office, it all adds up. Leo uses RingCentral in his office.

Wi-Fi can also mess up VoIP because it gives preference to data over voice.

Audience QuestionsHour 3

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Watch Isaac from Ontario, Canada Comments

Isaac has a 2015 MacBook Pro and the anti-reflective coating was flaking off. Apple said there was a recall and they replaced it for free. Leo says he'll have to be careful not to use alcohol-based cleaners because those will strip off the coating. Leo recommends Screen Guard Foam Cleaning Spray.

Leo also says to get a microfiber cloth that's the size of his trackpad. That's important because, without it, the trackpad will strike the screen and make an outline. So he should cover it to protect it.

Another good idea is to get a screen protector. He could get the Moshi iVisor Anti-Glare Screen Protector for MacBook Pro on Amazon. There's also this two pack of anti-glare screen protectors from ANTOGOO on Amazon for about $15.

Watch John from Notre Dame, IN Comments

John is looking at his 43" screen and thinking it's way too small. How large should he get for his next one? Leo says that 43" is way too small to get an immersive experience. Sitting at 8-10 feet away, he'll want to get the largest screen that he can afford. He should check out the RTings size calculator here. There's also the "spousal acceptance factor" to keep that in mind. John should at least have a 55-60" screen. His only other choice is to move his couch closer to the TV, and that's not practical.

Leo recommends Vizio and right now is a great time to buy. TCL makes a nice panel too and their prices are very competitive. It also has Roku built in.

Watch Rob from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Rob has an old Android phone and he doesn't like his carrier. Can he unlock it and go with another carrier? Leo says he should as long as his account is in good standing. Even if he's no longer a customer, they should still do it for him. He should just call and ask them politely. He should not pay to unlock a phone, though. If he has to, Rob should go to and look in there for instructions.

Watch Donna from Chula Vista, CA Comments

Donna has a touchscreen PC and wants to take a sketching class. Can she use it? Or does she need a Wacomb interface? Leo says that Wacomb was before touchscreens became popular. Leo says she can use a touchscreen PC easily, but she'll need to have a stylus to draw with. She could use her finger, but that's not all that conducive to sketching. Donna should ask the teacher what program to use for the class. Adonit makes a fine point stylus that would be ideal for this.