How can I get my apps off a failed hard drive?

Episode 1459 (1:18:37)

Gary from Castaic, CA
Hard drives

Gary can't boot up his computer, not even in Safe Mode. What can he do to fix it? Leo says it's probably the hard drive that's preventing the bootup, and that's why Gary is getting the blue screen of death. It can be one tiny bit or sector that can cause it. Gary could use his Windows Install Disk, and during the install process, it will give him the option of repairing the OS. It's worth a try.

Gary could also use Steve Gibson's Spin Rite to check the health of his hard drive and move files off of bad sectors. But for the price of that, he could just get a new hard drive. Gary wants to save the apps because he doesn't have the install disks anymore. Leo says it's easier now to just download the app and input his registration key.