Should I let Windows repair itself after a hard drive crash?

Episode 1458 (59:57)

David from San Antonio, TX
Hard drives

David bought a refurbished computer from Best Buy. It turned off when the battery died, and when he turned it back on, Windows wanted to do a repair. When it did that, it started wiping out his entire Windows 10 operating system. Now he's stuck on the blue screen of death and he's worried that his version of Windows 10 won't activate if he reinstalls it. Leo says it will, but before he installs anything, he should get the data from it. If it crashed once, the drive could be ready to fail. He should take the disc out and connect it to another computer to examine the disk and recover the data.

Leo also says he can bring it back to Best Buy and have them get his data and install a new drive. It won't be very expensive, and he can even replace that drive with an SSD.