How can I get my Windows computer to update?

Episode 1458 (2:13:44)

Rene from Corona, CA
Blue screen of death

Rene is having trouble updating Windows. It stalls out at 80%. He then reboots and it goes back to before he tried updating. Then he gets a blue screen and he can't restore or update. Leo says that not an unusual problem. If you think about it, with millions of computers, there's going to be a certain percentage that will experience issues like this, and updating while a computer is running is nontrivial. It could be something is blocking it, like a third-party antivirus app. It could also just be a bad download. Or this could be the Intel Spectre/Meltdown fix that is causing problems. Rene will probably have to reinstall Windows using the Recovery option, but he may have to wipe the drive and start over. That will mean losing data. This is why Leo says to buy a Chromebook instead.