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Episode 1458 January 28, 2018

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Audience Questions

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Watch Tim from Fontana, CA Comments

Tim's friend wants to start up a YouTube Channel and wants to know how to make money off of it. Leo says that is a very good idea to get the word out about her cookie business. YouTube is a visual medium and so is cooking. YouTube has become the destination for all kinds of cooks who are using the portal to showcase recipes, techniques, and more. The more visually entertaining and informative it is, the more popular. They'll also want to be sure that each episode doesn't last very long.

A good example is Buzzfeed's Tasty channel. Their videos are about 4 minutes long and they've become the standard. Even Food Network has started copying the format. They're shot from the top down, sped up a bit, with titles for each step, and with a catchy tune. So in 3-4 minutes, someone should know all the steps.

Then they can share links on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. If the episode is catchy enough, they'll be shared and retweeted. New content is vital, so they should be consistent and have new videos at least once a week. Once a day would be ideal. They'll want to make sure they encourage readers to like, share, subscribe, and enable notifications.

Leo says not to worry about monetization. That will come in time.

Watch Philip from Canoga Park, CA Comments

Philip says that after a Windows 10 update, two of his HP laptops won't let him view multiple tabs anymore. It's all full screen. The only way to go back and forth is to click on a "task view" button and select a smaller window to "activate." Leo says there are gesture controls that nobody knows about in Windows 10 and chances are good that Philip accidentally activated "tablet mode." In the lower right-hand corner, there's a quote box. Philip should click on that, and disable "tablet mode." Leo says that Microsoft has been trying to force people to treat their computers more like tablets, and it's horrible. Here's an article on HowToGeek on how he can get out of it.

Watch Sherry from Oklahoma City, OK Comments

Sherry still uses an old Nokia flip phone. She bought an older Motorola Moto X, but she's concerned that it won't be updated. Leo says that they are probably not being updated since it's several years old, but it's probably safe to use. She'll want to install any patches that are available for it, but Android Nougat is the end of the line for that phone, which is fine. She just shouldn't download any strange applications for it, and only get apps from Google Play.

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Watch Mark from Idaho Comments

Mark has a Remix Mini that's not being updated anymore, and he wants to know if he can install Android apps like a Chromebook. Leo says that most of the apps will be touch-based and if he doesn't have a touchscreen, he may not be able to use them. Using a program called REMIX could work, but the app has to be written to support it.

Acer makes a good, affordable Chromebook, so that could be the answer. But the Acer ChromeBox 3 is the latest desktop version and it supports the Android store. It was just announced at CES.

Watch David from San Antonio, TX Comments

David bought a refurbished computer from Best Buy. It turned off when the battery died, and when he turned it back on, Windows wanted to do a repair. When it did that, it started wiping out his entire Windows 10 operating system. Now he's stuck on the blue screen of death and he's worried that his version of Windows 10 won't activate if he reinstalls it. Leo says it will, but before he installs anything, he should get the data from it. If it crashed once, the drive could be ready to fail. He should take the disc out and connect it to another computer to examine the disk and recover the data.

Leo also says he can bring it back to Best Buy and have them get his data and install a new drive. It won't be very expensive, and he can even replace that drive with an SSD.

Watch Donna from Arizona Comments

Donna has been subscribed to MSN's Butterfly service and she's having connection issues. Leo says that Microsoft would like her to move away from MSN and start using as her email. She could also use Gmail and just forward it. Leo also suspects that Microsoft is reselling service through her cable company. She can then use Gmail to go get her MSN mail and then tell everyone she's using Gmail so she can slowly transition to it.

Leo says that moving over to Outlook, and keeping MSN's address is the first step. MSN uses the IMAP protocol, so she can put in the MSN server name and login information to her Google forwarding settings and then she can get to it.

Audience QuestionsHour 3

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Watch David from Lexington, KY Comments

David is into making to-do lists, but he doesn't want to waste paper to print them up. Is there a template or app that would enable him to access it from his mobile device? He'd also like to use it cross-platform. Leo says Remember the Milk is a great way to do that. ToDoIst and Microsoft OneNote are other good options.

Watch Dolly from San Jacinto, CA Comments

Dolly is retired and wants to invest in the stock market while traveling, but some of her brokerages don't support using smartphones. Leo says that there may not be an app to run, but she may be able to access her accounts using the phone's browser. What Dolly may have to do is select the "choose desktop" option. Leo also says that using a tablet like an iPad would be a better option since she'd have a bigger screen. She can also look to see if they have an app since many of the big companies do. TD Ameritrade, for instance, has an app, as does Schwab and Fidelity. Another option is to use a mobile Wi-Fi device like a MiFi card and she can use anything from a phone to a laptop, and access it anywhere.

Watch Don from Culver City, CA Comments

Don is having issues with Malwarebytes. Leo says that if he's experiencing issues with Malwarebytes, there's a good chance that he's been infected. The first thing a malware creator will do is disable online security software and prevent access to those sites in the browser. That's one of the reasons why Leo doesn't like third party antivirus apps. Leo recommends using Microsoft Security Essentials/Windows Defender.

If Don can get online, he should try running an online virus scan. is a good one to test with. There's also's Housecall.

The chatroom pointed to a blogpost at, which talks about a bug that Malwarebytes has issued a fix for.

Image By BrickVelocity (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Watch Scott from San Jose, CA Comments

Scott just switched from Windows Phone to Android, the LG G30. Leo says that's a great phone, but Scott wants to know if it has a hands-free driving mode. Leo says it's not in Android itself, but they have an app that will run on the phone to do it. Leo says it's called Android Auto. It'll give him a completely hands-free experience and he can enable auto launch to take over the second he turns on the car.

Watch Rene from Corona, CA Comments

Rene is having trouble updating Windows. It stalls out at 80%. He then reboots and it goes back to before he tried updating. Then he gets a blue screen and he can't restore or update. Leo says that not an unusual problem. If you think about it, with millions of computers, there's going to be a certain percentage that will experience issues like this, and updating while a computer is running is nontrivial. It could be something is blocking it, like a third-party antivirus app. It could also just be a bad download. Or this could be the Intel Spectre/Meltdown fix that is causing problems. Rene will probably have to reinstall Windows using the Recovery option, but he may have to wipe the drive and start over. That will mean losing data. This is why Leo says to buy a Chromebook instead.