Johnny Jet on Travel

Episode 1457 (1:14:44)

Johnny Jet

Travel Tip of the week - Johnny Jet has learned from his doctor that you have a better chance of catching the flu while flying this time of year, about 1000x greater. So it's best to avoid flying right now. And Johnny says rather than canceling your flight outright and paying the cancel/rebooking fee, try waiting until the last minute and see if the plane is delayed or rescheduled, and then you're more likely to get a full refund with no cancelation fee. It's like playing chicken, but Johnny has been canceling tickets a lot lately and it works. You just have to time it right. Use TripIt, and Airline Tracker, Twitter, and others to keep track and the minute the flight is delayed, you pounce on it and cancel.

Website of the Week - Travel Weekly's Map Guide to the Caribbean Islands. If you want to travel to the Caribbean, this will give you a good idea what's open, what's going to open, and what simply isn't bouncing back. And this is the time to travel there.

App of the Week - Google's Art and Culture App, which will match your face with a painting. It's available on iOS and Android.