Does net neutrality affect access in Canada?

Episode 1456 (1:35:37)

Isaac from Ontario, Canada

Isaac is worried that the new Net Neutrality rules in the US will affect his internet access in Canada. How can he get involved to try and prevent that? Leo says that as the US goes, so goes the world. Net Neutrality is definitely in jeopardy all around the world, and it's difficult to get his voice heard in the face of huge companies with a lot of money to buy access. But in Canada, the law requires ISPs be treated as utilities. So they can only go so far in protecting under those regulations. There is a battle going on in Canada but let's face it, internet access in Canada isn't all that great. Rogers is a terrible company. Isaac should get involved in his area because the best defense is a good offense.

Will net neutrality affect his mobile plan? Leo says it's not supposed to. He already has bandwidth caps with his current mobile plan. There is something called zero rating, where if he signs up, he could get unlimited streaming of Netflix or Hulu that doesn't count against his bandwidth cap. That's pretty cool on its face, but it's really anti-competitive and violates the spirit of net neutrality.