How can I log into my Chromebook?

Episode 1455 (2:00:10)

Nikki from Burbank, CA
Samsung Chromebook

Nikki bought a Chromebook and she thinks it's wonderful with no worries about security issues. However, the main account to open it crashes a lot and boots her back out. What can she do? Leo says she can "Powerwash" the Chromebook to get it back to factory default settings. She can do it before logging in. She can find out how to do this at (here).

It also may that the Chromebook doesn't have enough free space. But even then, if the Chromebook has backed her files up to the cloud via Google Drive, so she can safely Powerwash the Chromebook to clear it out. She can even verify that her files are there by going to on her mobile phone.

How is the HP Chromebook? Leo says he doesn't have experience with it, but they're all basically the same design. He prefers Samsung and Asus.