Should I buy an iMac Pro for my photography hobby?

Episode 1454 (1:31:22)

John from Savannah, GA
Apple iMac Pro

John is retired and photography is a serious hobby for him. Should he buy a new iMac Pro, and how much RAM should he get? Leo says that If John was a pro, then the iMac Pro would be a good idea. But the 2017 5K iMac is not only just as good, it can actually be faster using single core configurations. So why spend the extra money? He should go with the 2017 iMac and configure it to his budget. 32GB of RAM is plenty, but he should avoid the Fusion drive. They cause more problems than they are worth. He should get a spinning drive to plug into it for his data.

John also has an iPhone 5 and the battery needs replacing, but Apple won't replace it saying that they don't have replacements anymore. Leo suggests going to Office Depot is also doing battery upgrades for $28 right now and the iPhone 5 is the lowest they support.