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Episode 1454 January 14, 2018

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Audience Questions

Audience QuestionsHour 1

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Watch Kim from Riverside, CA Comments

Kim got a computer recently from a friend and she can't log into her account. It keeps asking for the previous owner. Leo says that the best thing to do is format the hard drive and start over. That way she can set it up for her preferences and make her account the primary account. Windows 10 has great reset options, and she won't even need a Windows key anymore. She should just make sure to back up her data and files first. Then hit the Windows Key and type "recovery." She'll get the choice of several options. Then she can run the recovery and it'll reinstall Windows. She'll have to reinstall all of her programs after that. She should make sure to run updates too.

Watch Frank from Land O Lakes, FL Comments

Frank is having trouble getting his PC to boot up. He's replaced the power supply, but it still doesn't work. Leo says if there's no power on self-test (three beeps), and the fans are coming on, then it's likely a dead motherboard. Can he just replace the CPU without the motherboard or vice versa? Leo says if the power supply is eliminated as a culprit, then Frank could try replacing the processor and see what happens. But before he does that, he should pull all the USB devices and see if they're the culprit. It could be a short in his USB hub. There's so many possibilities. It could be a faulty motherboard, a bad fan, or bad RAM. It could even be bad settings in BIOS. His BIOS could have been corrupted. Leo suggests pulling the CMOS battery, clear it, and go. Outside of that, it's likely the motherboard.

Watch Brad from San Jose, CA Comments

Brad wants to know how to recover his brother's Facebook account without using his email. Leo says that there's an extreme account recovery system that involves sending a picture, and then Facebook will reset it. Here's how to recover his account on Facebook.

Leo also recommends using a password vault. LastPass is what he uses, but there's also 1Password. Then all he needs to do is remember one password.

Watch Dan from Fresno, CA Comments

Dan wants to get his mother a home assistant and can't decide between Google Home or Amazon Echo. Leo says that both are very similar. If Dan's mom has Amazon Prime, then she'll get a free limited music service with it. Google, however, is better at facts, while Echo is good at skills. So it comes down to what she's going to use it for. Echo is also better with smart home devices (IoT stuff). Leo gave his mother the Echo, but it's important to train his mother how to talk to Echo. For most people, Echo is easier to use.

Audience QuestionsHour 2

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Watch Brian from Indio, CA Comments

Brian's Amazon Echo has been misbehaving since the New Year. It keeps failing and restarting. Leo says that indicates a faulty device. It may be overheating or is worn out. Amazon really doesn't have a good suggestion either, so Leo recommends contacting them about an RMA return. There is a reset button, though, so he could try that first. It's a little hole at the base of the device. He'll need to use a paperclip to press it in, and he'll have to hold that button down for a few seconds to reset it.

Hour 2 - Rachel calls in to say that Amazon has an accessibility line that can help out. He can call 888-283-1678.

Watch Irwin from The Bronx Comments

Irwin is concerned that the Spectre bug fix will slow down his computer. Leo says it's possible, but it's unlikely to have a noticeable impact on a modern machine. Experts say the bug fix will greatly affect slower, older machines. A newer machine will get the least performance hit. He should just make sure to update his AVS and all of his drivers.

VMware or really heavy applications are where the performance hit will most likely be affected.

Watch Rachel from Springfield, IL Comments

Rachel says that if you're blind and need help with your Echo, Amazon has an accessibility line that can help out. Call 888-283-1678

Watch Nathan from Tuscon, AZ Comments

Nathan got a new Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and wants to know if he should update it. Leo says that Samsung is starting to push out the Oreo update to the Galaxy S8, but not the Note 8 just yet. Leo also doesn't recommend forcing an update — he should wait until it's available. He should focus more on the security updates. Patience. Oreo will come soon.

Audience QuestionsHour 3

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Watch John from Savannah, GA Comments

John is retired and photography is a serious hobby for him. Should he buy a new iMac Pro, and how much RAM should he get? Leo says that If John was a pro, then the iMac Pro would be a good idea. But the 2017 5K iMac is not only just as good, it can actually be faster using single core configurations. So why spend the extra money? He should go with the 2017 iMac and configure it to his budget. 32GB of RAM is plenty, but he should avoid the Fusion drive. They cause more problems than they are worth. He should get a spinning drive to plug into it for his data.

John also has an iPhone 5 and the battery needs replacing, but Apple won't replace it saying that they don't have replacements anymore. Leo suggests going to Office Depot is also doing battery upgrades for $28 right now and the iPhone 5 is the lowest they support.

Watch Eddie from Lafayette, CA Comments

Eddie wants to know if Roku will look for a hotspot. Leo says it doesn't really matter, the Roku will look for Wi-Fi no matter where it is. But Eddie should remember that hotspots tend to have more restrictive bandwidth caps, and 1GB an hour is not surprising on Netflix.

Watch Eddie from Lafayette, CA Comments

Eddie wants to know if he can block spam in Hotmail. Leo says that Hotmail is notoriously bad for spam. They want users to upgrade to Outlook, and Leo says it has much better spam tools. He can also put the email into the spam folder, as the spammer is likely spoofing the address.

Watch Ken from Tustin, CA Comments

Ken wants to know why he can't hear himself when he speaks with headphones? Leo says he'd need a mixer that can mix in. It's called Side Tone. It can be very distracting with Bluetooth on a phone though because of the latency. He would just end up getting confused by the echo.

Watch Don from Arizona Comments

Don has an Asus router and he has a USB in for connecting an external drive to it. Can he put a hub on it? Leo says sure. He can take up to 255 devices on the USB chain, but it may confuse the router, so he should look at the settings to see if it will support it.

Watch Don from Arizona Comments

Don has Vizio 70" HDTV running through a Sony 7.1 surround sound system, but when he enables the CEC functionality, it takes away the 7.1 Dolby surround. Leo says that CEC lets him turn on the Apple TV and lets it control the receiver. The problem is, results vary from TV to TV, so one TV may give him the center channel while the next doesn't. Leo advises turning off CEC and let the receiver handle it. It's more likely that the device isn't encoding it properly.

Watch Peter from Brooklyn, NY Comments

Peter recently switched from the Netgear Orbi routers to the Eero. Leo says he likes them both, though. The Netgear is more of a standard router than a mesh router, though. He has three base station units and a beacon. When he goes into the app, however, it's not connecting to the closest Eero unit. Leo says that the Eero is smart, so one of the things Eero and other mesh routers do is decide where things should go. Unless he's getting bad results, Leo thinks he should just let it be. This is just intelligent routing.

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