Why can't I download the Meltdown fix for Windows?

Episode 1453 (31:56)

Travis from Oklahoma
Windows Update

Travis is having trouble getting the Windows update that will fix the Meltdown/Spectre exploit. Leo says he should make sure to update his antivirus first, because the fix will break the AVS and crash the machine, forcing a reinstall of the OS. He may also need to do a BIOS update. In fact, the entire machine may need to be updated to prevent the Windows OS update from breaking the machine.

Here's some news on Microsoft's Technotes on the fix at news.softpedia.com. There's also a script he can run called the Speculation Control Validation PowerShell Script that will let him know that he's updated everything. He can get that here.

He should keep checking back and eventually, the updates will come to him. Meanwhile, he should update his machine.

Photo: Windows Update by Christiaan Colen via Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0)