Dick DeBartolo, The Giz Wiz

Episode 1453 (1:48:14)

Dick DeBartolo

Dickie D just got back from CES and he pretty much saw a lot of silly ideas that didn't really have much use. Leo says they've run out of ideas and are now mashing them together to create something new. But one thing he did see came from Kodak. The Kodak Super8 camera looks like a retro model, but it was a brand new camera that will go on sale soon. And yes, it uses Super 8mm film! Film that you shoot and mail off to Kodak just the way you did 40 or 50 years ago! Unlike the old super 8 camera, this one has a large flip-out 4-inch LCD screen. It shows what the camera is recording on the 8MM cartridge film and it flickers the way old 8MM film did when it ran through a projector.

There are other modern features on this camera too, like a Micro HDMI out that will let you monitor the feed on an external monitor. There is a built-in light meter to aid in exposure setting. There's a camera settings wheel that is very reminiscent of the early iPods. The camera ships with Ricoh 6mm f1.2 lens, but it has a C-mount so professional photographers can use others lenses they already own and love. There is no audio recorded onto the film, but the camera has a mic input and headphone monitor. Sound is recorded on an SD card using wav format. The camera makes markers on the film so can sound sync them later. The camera takes standard Super 8 50 FT cartridges, but you can shoot at 18, 24, 25 or 36 FPS. There will be an assortment of popular film types available from Kodak.

Fully charged, the 7200 mAh internal battery should allow a user to shoot 10 to 12 cartridges of film depending on the film speeds you shoot at. There's a tripod mount on the bottom for the handgrip, or a tripod. Price is another thing that lets you know this is aimed at the professional market. The camera will be around $3,000 (Dick was told $1500 to $2000 earlier in the day at CES, but later when he stopped back to ask a question, it was changed to $3000.) An 8MM cartridge of film, including processing, and a digital copy, and a copy online for you to use, will be about $100. It's expected to start shipping this spring.

Leo says that's just a crazy price. Nobody is going to buy them.

- Find out more at kodak.com