What's the best sound bar for an OLED TV?

Episode 1452 (2:20:00)

Earl from Alpine, CA
VIZIO SmartCast™ 38” 3.1 Sound Bar System

Earl is buying an LG 55" OLED TV. What's a good sound bar to go with it? Leo says that TVs have speakers, but they're largely an afterthought and they sound terrible. The TV manufacturers expect people to invest in a home theater system. An AV Receiver with surround sound and subwoofer is the best option, but if he needs to go with the sound bar option, then Leo says that Scott Wilkinson really likes Onkyo, Vizio, and Yamaha. Yamaha's YAS106 is a great one for under $300, as is the Vizio SmartCast.

Earl can check out Scott's recommendations at avsforum.com here.