What cloud service should I use for backing up photos?

Episode 1452 (2:01:25)

Gordon from Beaumont, CA
Serif Affinity Photo

Gordon wants to be able to backup his photos to the cloud and share them with family. Leo says that ShutterFly is great because it stores full resolution copies of his images, and then if his family wants a copy, they can buy prints directly (he can even get a piece of the pie).

What about Facebook? Leo says the problem with Facebook is that it compresses the images. Shutterfly doesn't. He could just do it through Apple Photos. He can organize them and then share them with his family. Adobe has Lightroom, but it's changing. Leo says that an open source option is Luminar, and Skylum is about to add digital asset management in the near future. Serif also makes Affinity Photo. It's very similar to Photoshop.