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Watch Pat from San Gabriel, CA Comments

Pat upgraded to a Motorola Moto Z with Android 7, but when he listens to music at home, it displays what he's currently listening to on the screen. How does it know? Leo says that the Android has an always listening feature that will pick up the ambient sound in the room and identify it. It's basically for the OK Google feature.

Pat had an issue with it playing a video unexpectedly as well. Leo says he can train it to just listen to only his voice, or he could even disable "OK Google" entirely. It'll be under Settings > Google.

Watch Ed from Huntington Beach, CA Comments

Ed's wife bought an Amazon Fire tablet for about $150, but it won't play any of the games that she likes. Leo says that's because the games that she uses require Flash, and Flash is dying as a format. It will work on a Surface tablet because that's a full Windows computer. Adobe doesn't even support Flash anymore. Leo advises looking for something similar as an app instead.

Watch Frank from Burbank, CA Comments

Frank wants to know how he can filter out ads when he's on the internet. Especially when he's listening to music. Leo says that he has mixed emotions about blocking ads because he makes a living with ad supported content. But UBlock Origin is a good ad blocker. Leo says he should accept ads from sites he prefers. Another option is to block autoplay in Chrome. Just Google it, and he'll find a plugin to do it.

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Watch John from Biddeford, ME Comments

John is having problems with two Windows laptops (one 8.1 and one Windows 10). They will connect to the hotspots, but they won't connect to the internet. Leo says that's called "captive portal" and it requires logging in to gain access. It could also be a security update that is preventing it. It could be closing down a port that he needs to access the internet. He could try reinstalling the network driver.

Microsoft has a a page here that discusses a similar issue, but Leo says it seems like an issue with his hardware.

Watch Armando from Whittier, CA Comments

Armando is trying to connect Wemo to his wireless router, but when he connects an additional one, it won't take his password. Leo says 2.4 Ghz is extremely congested now, so Leo recommends going into his router settings and changing it to allow his router to make changes automatically. That will enable it to choose the best channels. Doing it manually is tough and he'd need a Wi-Fi analyzer to do it. If he wants to do that, InSSIDer is a good one.

Wemos use channels 1,6, and 10. So he should put the other devices on the other channels. This is one of the reasons why people are turning to mesh routers. They handle connections more effectively. He can move to 5 Ghz, but that's a temporary solution since more people are going to move to 5 Ghz, and he'll be back at square one.

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Watch Scott from Orange County Comments

Scott has a Windows 7 laptop and he's tired of dealing with all its problems. As a result, he got a MacBook Air for Christmas. How does he transfer all his data from the Windows laptop to the MacBook? The Migration wizard didn't really work for him.

Leo says to bypass all of that and just move it over manually. It's the best way to do it. He should just plug in an external drive, formatted for Windows. Then drag and drop his "My Photos" folder over. Then he can connect it to his Mac, open Apple Photos, and import them.

Watch Jason from Goldendale, WA Comments

Jason has an old HP Pavilion and he's upgraded it to Windows 10. Recently, it hasn't been able to start up. Leo suspects that the hard drive has started to die. Luckily, hard drives are pretty cheap. Then, to get his data back, he can get an external hard drive enclosure and move the data off it right away. The benefit is, the computer will run a lot faster, especially if he gets an SSD.

Watch Gordon from Beaumont, CA Comments

Gordon wants to be able to backup his photos to the cloud and share them with family. Leo says that ShutterFly is great because it stores full resolution copies of his images, and then if his family wants a copy, they can buy prints directly (he can even get a piece of the pie).

What about Facebook? Leo says the problem with Facebook is that it compresses the images. Shutterfly doesn't. He could just do it through Apple Photos. He can organize them and then share them with his family. Adobe has Lightroom, but it's changing. Leo says that an open source option is Luminar, and Skylum is about to add digital asset management in the near future. Serif also makes Affinity Photo. It's very similar to Photoshop.

Watch Carson from Orange County, CA Comments

Carson wants a smartwatch. He has an Android phone. Leo says that smartwatches are essentially side cars for mobile phones and for Android, the Samsung Gear S3 is a great option. It depends what he wants the smartphone for, though.

Is there one he could get for under $150? Leo says Android Wear is fine for around that price. The Asus ZenWatch 2 is very good. But he'll want to make sure he likes the size of it, because they tend to be big.

Watch Earl from Alpine, CA Comments

Earl is buying an LG 55" OLED TV. What's a good sound bar to go with it? Leo says that TVs have speakers, but they're largely an afterthought and they sound terrible. The TV manufacturers expect people to invest in a home theater system. An AV Receiver with surround sound and subwoofer is the best option, but if he needs to go with the sound bar option, then Leo says that Scott Wilkinson really likes Onkyo, Vizio, and Yamaha. Yamaha's YAS106 is a great one for under $300, as is the Vizio SmartCast.

Earl can check out Scott's recommendations at here.