Dick DeBartolo, The Giz Wiz

Episode 1451 (2:18:51)

Dick DeBartolo

The first gadget of the year by Dickie D is the Raphycool Selfie Light Ring. And it has a great additional feature — a built-in power bank. That means if your phone is running low on battery as you're shooting pictures or videos, you can plug your device into the Selfie Ring's 1500mAh battery. The selfie clip on light has 3 levels light: Low, Medium and High. The company says it works for 12 hours on low, 4~6 hours on medium, and 2 hours on high when fully charged. That of course will be less if you're also using the built in battery to charge your device.

This ring light contains 32 LEDs so you can also clip it on a laptop, tent pole, backpack, and anywhere you need additional light. It's light weight at 2.6 oz. and it small enough to put in your tote bag or larger pocket. Dick hasn't tried it, but the company says you can also use it for reading, without disturbing others. A rubber grip on the clip helps prevent scratches to whatever you clip it to. Comes with a micro charging cable and anti-water pouch. It was under $15 on 1/6/17 on Amazon, but prices there can change without notice.

Get the Raphycool Selfie Light Ring on Amazon ($14.99)