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Episode 1451 January 6, 2018

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Audience Questions

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Watch Lil (Doctor Mom) from Long Island, NY Comments

Lil joins Leo to talk about Amazon's latest Echo device, called the Echo Connect, which enables you to connect your landline to your Echo network. It also enables you to dial 911. Leo says that Amazon sold millions of Echos over the holidays, and they now have several different models including the Connect, the Echo Dot, the Echo Show with screen, Echo Spot alarm clock, and the Echo Look. It's Echo everywhere!

Watch Ron from Orange County, CA Comments

Ron is looking for software that will enable him to keep track of client details and information, and then do a mass email advertisement. Leo says that Customer Relations Management (CRM) is a huge business and there's powerful sales force tools available. But he'll want to be careful not to deluge his customers with what his ISP could consider spam. That's why Leo recommends using a service like Constant Contact or Mail Chimp. Leo likes Mail Chimp for small businesses, and they have a free tier.

Watch Mark from Loris, SC Comments

Mark has a low end Android phone running Marshmallow. Ever since the last update, any time he uses the voice command feature, he's noticed a message that says it's sending audio to his Gmail account. Leo says it's a normal function of Google voice command. It's just letting him know what account that service is associated with. It's not emailing him, it's just letting him know what account it's using. The phone isn't really doing the dictation, it's sending the voice data to Google servers. It looks like Google is being transparent about it.

Mark should check out to see the record of everything he's done with Google.

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Watch Evelyn from Lake View Terrace, CA Comments

Evelyn just got a new iPhone and wants to transfer all her settings and data from her old iPhone 5. Leo says the first thing she'll want to do is backup the old one in iTunes. Make sure to select encryption, because it won't backup her passwords without it. Then she can plug in her iPhone 8 and iTunes will then ask if she wants to restore. She can just select that, and then it'll backup her passwords, download the latest apps, and any other data she wants. Here's a support page from Apple on how to do it.

But Evelyn should understand that music, audio books, and movies won't be backed up. She'll have to re-sync them to her iPhone. But the data, passwords, contacts, calendar, etc. will be synced.

Watch Elia from Santa Monica, CA Comments

Elia wants to know what Leo thinks about online currency, or crypto currency. Leo says to understand crypto currency, you have to understand how monetary systems work. Paper money represents the value it carries, but it isn't gold. It's called a "fiat currency." In the case of our dollar, it's backed by the government. But currencies don't have to be official government currency. "Disney Dollars" are currency at Disneyland.

Now there's digital, or crypto currency. It takes advantage of the digital monetary transactions that occur online. When you buy something on Amazon, you use a digital currency. Crypto currency is just the next step. Bitcoin is the most well known, but there's also Ethereum and many others. The problem is that Bitcoin has a volatile value that is very much like a "bubble." No one can really mine Bitcoin anymore either because it costs more to mine the Bitcoin than it's really worth. You'll have to be able to get your electricity for cheap or even free to be able to do it.

Watch Chris from Encinitas, CA Comments

Chris has an old iPod Classic. But since his PC died, he needs to find a safe way to get his music off his iPod and back onto his new computer. Leo says that Apple doesn't let you do that because they're afraid of piracy. But there are third party options on both Apple and PC.

Chris can try Senuti (Mac only), iExplorer (Mac/PC), and PodTrans. All of these will mount his iPod as if it's a hard drive and then he can move the files across.

Watch Gary from Buffalo, NY Comments

Are SSDs as reliable as spinning drives? Leo says yes. They are very robust and much faster. Will they wear out? Leo says SSDs use a technique called "wear leveling" to keep the drive consistently wearing and to extend the life of the drive. That's why Leo recommends using an SSD as the main drive, and storing data on a spinning data drive. Let the hard drive handle the constant read-write cycles, while the SSD handles all the performance.

Audience QuestionsHour 3

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Watch John from Westchester, NY Comments

John is worried about traveling overseas and then having his mobile device or computer taken away and being forced to unlock it. Leo says it doesn't really happen all that often, though they do have the right to do it, and it hasn't been ruled on being unconstitutional just yet. He'll have to worry when they take his device into another room. Chances are, they've cloned the data or even installed something to monitor him. At that point, if he's security conscious, the only thing he can really do is replace the device to be sure he's secure.

If they're going to that level of effort, though, they're identifying him as someone to investigate, and there's really not much he can do. The ACLU is fighting it, though, and will take it to court. He has the right to protect his privacy, but then he has to decide how much inconvenience he's willing to undergo to assert them.

A way to solve this is just use a dumb phone.

Watch Walter from Tallahassee, FL Comments

Walter's partner passed away recently and he's trying to transfer everything from the old Expression website to a new site. He needs to use something that will transfer and develop the site.

Leo says that when using something like Expression Web, it's not standard. Leo says that if there's an export to HTML command, that would be a good idea to do. His ISP may have a tool that can do it as well. If so, that's the way to do it. But he'll have to get it back to a standard so it can be managed.

Watch Bob from Elmwood, NJ Comments

Bob has found that the search feature in his YouTube app has stopped working. He uninstalled and reinstalled it, and it worked shortly, but then stopped working again. Leo says that it could be anything from the app itself, to the service, to the iPad itself. Leo suggests talking to the genius at the Apple Store. Meantime, he should try resetting his network settings.

Watch Bill from Pasadena, CA Comments

Bill is looking to change careers at 50 and start coding. What should he do to get started? Leo says the language he chooses is important, but he also wants to know where the needs are. Leo says Python, C++, and even Java still have demand. He'll want to start where his niche will be. What is the most needed? Then learn the languages that fit that niche. The good news is, there's a lot of online resources to get started.