Dick DeBartolo, The Giz Wiz

Episode 1450 (1:13:36)

Dick DeBartolo

Instead of a tripod or a selfie stick, you can carry your smart phone on your head with Clip-A-Phone. With places like Disneyland banning selfie sticks, this is a good alternative. Just place the clip on your favorite cap, insert your phone into the clip and secure it with the strap. Then use the included Bluetooth shutter to record photos or video.

The company says this: “Clip-A-Phone provides you with a simple solution to use your smart phone and mount it to your hat. Your head provides the most stable platform for taking pictures from the first person view or recording video as your body naturally stabilizes your head in relation to your moving physical environment. Parents have also found it useful for recording their child's sporting events, birthday parties, and even their babies first steps all while keeping their hands free!” Dick put his Samsung Galaxy S5 on in the Clip-A-Phone and it fit after adjusting the strap to its largest size, so newer 'big' phones may not fit. Check the company website for more. Also on the Galaxy S5, Dick says that the app worked with the phone's camera shutter perfectly, but was wonky trying to stop & start the video function. Price is under $20.

- Check out clipaphone.com
- Get 2 Clip-a-Phones and 2 baseball caps for $29.99 (as of 6/2/17)

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