Why doesn't Word read my backup data files?

Episode 1449 (45:40)

Carl from Upland, CA
Microsoft Word

Carl has made backup flash drives, but he can't read the Word Office files that are on them. Leo says that the files are .DOCX files created by Word and he'll need to open them with Word. Instead, what he's seeing is "word salad" which is Word format commands that tell the software what fonts to display, indents, margins, etc. So if his other app doesn't understand the format, he should try using Word's built-in backup solution, then restore it with the other copy of his app. There could be something that gets corrupted in the transfer by just dragging and dropping. He could also use Windows' backup solution to backup the folders his data are on and then restore it using Windows 10 restore. That will preserve all the information that Word needs to read it.

Here's an article on what to do with a corrupted word document at word-tips.com.