What's a good alternative to Adobe Lightroom?

Episode 1449 (19:12)

Brian from Nashville, TN
Affinity Photo

Brian is a photographer and he's rather down about the fact that Adobe Lightroom is about to drastically change with mandatory cloud storage and subscription rates. It has a lot of pros looking for alternatives. Leo says that it's a shame that Adobe is changing what was an excellent app for photography workflow.

There are some alternatives including Serif Affinity Photo and Skylum (formerly MacPhun). All are excellent, but both are missing the digital assets management backup options (DAM). Both do promise to do that in 2018. Leo recommends Photo Mechanic for DAM backup until then. Pixelmator Pro is another good option, but that's more like a Photoshop replacement.

There's also Capture One, but Leo finds it's very hard to use with a steep learning curve. It's also expensive, though it has a free trial as well.