What Microsoft Surface computer should I buy?

Episode 1449 (1:18:51)

Karen from Los Angeles, CA
Surface Studio

Karen is looking to get a Microsoft Surface computer for her artwork, but she doesn't know what version to get. Which one does Leo have? Leo has had all three — the Surface Laptop, the Surface Studio, and the Surface Pro tablet. Leo says the laptop isn't all that great for an artist. The Surface Studio is ideal for an artist though because it's like a drafting table. But the least expensive model is $3,000. And Leo says it's overpriced because it doesn't have a fast hard drive in it.

Leo thinks that for Karen, the Surface Pro Tablet may be a more affordable option. If she's committed to the Surface Studio, Karen doesn't really need the i7. She should save the money and get the i5 processor.

Lenovo or Dell may have a more affordable alternative model, so she should look around before purchasing.