Chris Marquardt on Photography

Episode 1449 (1:34:00)

Chris Marquardt

Just in time to do some holiday shopping for your favorite photographer, Chris has a few ideas for you:

1. Black Rapid WandeR. This is a carrying case for your mobile phone that has a wrist strap. Never drop that iPhone X! $16

2. Aputure ALM9 Pocket-sized LED light. LED light balanced with an included orange gel. Multiple levels of light. Great for product photography or adding a little bit of fill light. $45.

3. The RatRig slider. This uses ball bearings for a smooth slide. You can push it with your fingers, or you can add an optional motorized accessory. $90.

4. Canon Selphy Printer. The Selphy is a compact portable printer that can print small, pocket-sized images. It uses thermal transfer printing, so you don't need to replace ink. Cost is about .27 a print.

5. Fuji InStax SQ10 Hybrid Instant Camera. It's a digital camera with a built-in printer. About $235. You can take pictures and give them out to the people you target.