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Watch Brian from Nashville, TN Comments

Brian is a photographer and he's rather down about the fact that Adobe Lightroom is about to drastically change with mandatory cloud storage and subscription rates. It has a lot of pros looking for alternatives. Leo says that it's a shame that Adobe is changing what was an excellent app for photography workflow.

There are some alternatives including Serif Affinity Photo and Skylum (formerly MacPhun). All are excellent, but both are missing the digital assets management backup options (DAM). Both do promise to do that in 2018. Leo recommends Photo Mechanic for DAM backup until then. Pixelmator Pro is another good option, but that's more like a Photoshop replacement.

There's also Capture One, but Leo finds it's very hard to use with a steep learning curve. It's also expensive, though it has a free trial as well.

Watch Joe from Kankakee, IL Comments

Joe has a Harmon Kardon Bluetooth speaker and he is having trouble playing music from his phone. It pairs with it, but he can't figure out how to give it the command to play music. Leo says that he has the Harmon Kardon Invoke and it sounds great for $100, but it may not be made "aware." He'll have to go into his phone's Bluetooth settings. On the Amazon Echo, you have to tell it to connect to the phone and then pair it in the Bluetooth settings. So he may want to try that.

Watch Carl from Upland, CA Comments

Carl has made backup flash drives, but he can't read the Word Office files that are on them. Leo says that the files are .DOCX files created by Word and he'll need to open them with Word. Instead, what he's seeing is "word salad" which is Word format commands that tell the software what fonts to display, indents, margins, etc. So if his other app doesn't understand the format, he should try using Word's built-in backup solution, then restore it with the other copy of his app. There could be something that gets corrupted in the transfer by just dragging and dropping. He could also use Windows' backup solution to backup the folders his data are on and then restore it using Windows 10 restore. That will preserve all the information that Word needs to read it.

Here's an article on what to do with a corrupted word document at

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Watch Karen from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Karen is looking to get a Microsoft Surface computer for her artwork, but she doesn't know what version to get. Which one does Leo have? Leo has had all three — the Surface Laptop, the Surface Studio, and the Surface Pro tablet. Leo says the laptop isn't all that great for an artist. The Surface Studio is ideal for an artist though because it's like a drafting table. But the least expensive model is $3,000. And Leo says it's overpriced because it doesn't have a fast hard drive in it.

Leo thinks that for Karen, the Surface Pro Tablet may be a more affordable option. If she's committed to the Surface Studio, Karen doesn't really need the i7. She should save the money and get the i5 processor.

Lenovo or Dell may have a more affordable alternative model, so she should look around before purchasing.

Watch Bill from Upland, CA Comments

Bill has an HP Pavilion Power Desktop that he just got a new SSD for. He wants to know how he can transfer over his Windows 10 to it. Leo says he should make a recovery drive with a USB thumb drive. Then he can put the new drive in, and use that recovery drive to reinstall Windows. Leo would also recommend keeping the old hard drive as a data drive.

Watch Ken from Pennsylvania Comments

Ken wants to know about a new hardware gadget called Fingbox. Leo says that Fing is a good company, but this is their first internet of things hardware offering. The key here is, will it be kept up to date? Will it be maintained in the long term? It looks like a cool Echo type of device, but only time will tell.

Leo says that since it's a crowd-sourced device, Leo would recommend waiting to see how it progresses. The key is to keep it secure. You can bet there will be exploits, so the question is, how soon will Fing update it when that happens? Leo has a hunch that Fing is committed to keeping it up today, but they're not a big company. Ken should search for Fingbox security exploits and see if there's an ongoing concern.

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Watch Bryan from Panama City, FL Comments

Bryan wants to know if Leo is for or against repealing the Net Neutrality rules. Leo says he's definitely against repealing it, as he believes it will benefit the big ISP companies and not the end user. Sure, it's government regulation, but if you trust the water coming out of your tap, why not trust regulating the internet to keep it open and neutral? By throwing out rules that keep ISPs common carriers under Title 2, it now gives ISPs the power to do whatever they want and charge whatever they want. Leo understands the mistrust of government. Many technology types are libertarians. But throwing out the rules is chaos. ISPs will make more money charging tolls, and they'll certainly do that.

Watch Bill from San Carlos, CA Comments

Bill wants to know if he can hack the Echo to make it more powerful. Or would he be better off going with Google Home? Leo says that both are good, so he should pick one and stick to it. Leo advises buying the cheaper Echo Dot. It has Bluetooth and line out, so he can connect it to a really nice powered speaker. He can also do a party mode where they are linked and synced together. He can then create zones for different music, or have them all play the same thing. There's also thousands of Echo Skills to take advantage of.

Watch Bruce from Riverside, CA Comments

Bruce misses his Windows Phone 8 mobile phone. Now he needs to get a new phone and doesn't know what to get. Is the iPhone good for his wife? Or should he get her the LG V30? Leo says the V30 is a very nice phone, but he thinks the Google Pixel 2 XL is the best camera phone on the market. Leo uses it on T-Mobile and it works great.

What about the burn-in problem? Leo thinks that could have been a bad batch of LCDs. Leo says there's also an oversaturated mode which makes it look like it should — Beautiful with zero burn-in. It has the same screen as the LG V30. LG also makes the Pixel 2 for Google. So he's essentially getting a V30 with a better camera by getting the Pixel 2 XL.

Watch Steve from Upland, CA Comments

Steve has a Windows 10 machine that he also runs Hyper-V Virtual Machine on, but he loses access to his USB ports in doing so. How can he access USB through Virtual Machine? Leo says it could be in the settings. VMWare has that access. He should look in the settings and see if he has to enable and assign it.

The chatroom says that Microsoft wants you to use Remote Desktop to pass it along. That seems counter-intuitive, but it may be that Microsoft didn't want to compete with VMWare.

He can also try the open source VirtualBox. That may be the best option if he doesn't want to pay for VMWare. VMWare does have a free trial version, though.