Scott Wilkinson on Home Theater

Episode 1448 (19:12)

Scott Wilkinson

Scott joins us to talk about Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Leo saw it yesterday at the fan event and he saw it in 3D, which he says ruins movies for him. Also, the projector died twice. Scott says Leo isn't the only one to have that issue. There was a showing at the AMC Burbank where the dialogue track wouldn't play and AMC wouldn't start it over. It almost caused a riot.

What was The Last Jedi filmed in? Scott says it was shot on 35mm film, which shocked him. Leo hopes that 2018 is the year that 3D dies in the movie theaters. Scott saw it in Dolby Vision HDR and he was disappointed with the blacks, which were more a dark gray. But he thought it was better than The Force Awakens, and the Atmos sound was really good.

Leo also says that Disney bought Fox this week, meaning that they now own all the Star Wars movies again (since Fox controlled the rights to the original "in perpetuity.")