Does Samsung's QLED TVs use OLED technology?

Episode 1448 (1:34:55)

David from California
Samsung QLED TV

David is seeing "banding" when he's watching his HDTV. What is that? Leo says that banding usually indicates compression and comes from the source material. If he wants to test it, he should hook up his TV to a Blu-Ray player and play a Blu-ray DVD. He won't see any banding because there's no compression there. But when he watches on satellite or streaming Netflix, he'll see it because the signal is compressed.

Should he buy a Samsung or LG OLED? Leo says that Samsung doesn't make an OLED. They make QLED which isn't OLED at all. It's a backlit LED LCD with "quantum dots," and while it looks better than LCD, it's not OLED and it's very easy to mistake them. Leo says to also look at Sony's OLED.

Would the LG Super UHD be as good? Leo says it won't be as good as OLED, but it will still be a very good TV. If David wants the LG B6, he can get a great price on it right now because it's last year's model. It's also got the same screen as the higher end models. If OLED is out of his budget, Samsung and Sony make great LED LCDs.