Is the Tap Wearable Keyboard a good idea?

Episode 1447 (1:50:32)

Josh from Austin, TX
TAP Wearable Keyboard

Josh has discovered a crazy new keyboard interface called the TAP Wearable Keyboard. Leo says that it allows you to turn any surface into a keyboard, but you have to completely relearn how to type to use it. It's just available for preorder also, so it hasn't hit the market yet. Leo says this is a category that's going to blow up in the near future. It has an accelerometer built into it to read the movement of your fingers. But this is a very inconvenient way to type for those who have been typing for years. Court reporters would probably be able to naturally adjust to it.

Leo also points out that you'd have to have good mobility and control of your fingers. So it's not going to be good for those with accessibility issues. Leo recommends waiting until reviews come out before buying.