How can I recover my iCloud password without my old phone?

Episode 1447 (41:33)

Gene from Manhattan, MT
Apple iPad

Gene has an old iPad 1 and 2, but he's forgotten his iCloud password to it so he can't get the old data off it. Leo says that Apple has a system called iForgot to reset passwords, but Gene no longer has the phone number it's identified with. Leo says if he calls Apple and explains that he no longer has that phone and number, Apple can still identify him manually. Once they've verified that Gene is Gene, they can reset the iCloud password.

Gene also has a third iPad that he just bought used. Leo says if the old owner hasn't reset the iPad and turned off find my iPad, it's going to still be tied to her account. So he should make sure the person he bought the iPad from turns off "Find my iPad," so that he can then reset it. It's an anti-theft measure.