How can I get data off a dead iPod?

Episode 1447 (11:39)

Paul from Montecito, CA

Paul has an iPod with some unreplaceable media on it. It won't let him charge anymore and he's afraid he's lost his media. Leo says it depends on how old it is. He should look on the back and see what the model number is. Chances are, the battery just doesn't hold a charge anymore. He may be able to replace the battery. Before he does that, though, he should try and get it powered up by connecting it to his computer. If it powers up, then he can get the data off with iTunes. If not, that model iPod has a spinning hard drive in it, so he could remove it. Then he can get a universal drive adapter to connect it to a computer and pull the data off. Leo recommends using Senuti to do it.

Paul should take it to the Apple Store and see if he can have Apple replace the battery. It won't be cheap, but it's worth it to get his data. He should tell them the story, and they may be able to help him.