Dick DeBartolo, The Giz Wiz

Episode 1447 (2:14:48)

Dick DeBartolo

This week's gadget from Dickie D is the Twistmas Light. Twistmas Lights allow anyone to take their favorite photos and make their own personalized holiday ornaments that are lit up. You can decorate your tree with what matters most to you; special family photos, pets, photos of family history, favorite sports teams and more...the possibilities are endless. It's also the perfect personalized gift for friends and family members. A Twistmas Light can be purchased as an individual ornament or a package of six ornaments. Each Twistmas Light package includes the proper number of photo discs, stickers to print your images, and helpful hints to create beautiful keepsakes. Twistmas Lights are designed to fit on to any mini-light. This light gives a great glow to the photo in the Twistmas Light ornament. You can also switch the pictures inside the ornaments quickly if different relatives come to visit! $24.99 for a box of six (6) Twistmas Lights. This includes the product, instructions, test paper, and label paper. They also offer a single light in a gift box, but that seems sort of expensive to me at about $9 or more. (You could buy the box of 6 for $29.99 and wrap them separately is my thought.)

- Twistmas Lights (6 pack) on Amazon
- Twistmas Lights Website (twistmas.com)
- Giz Wiz Video (YouTube)

Another fun thing is this Chalk of the Town t-shirt with a marker. The company says you get the best results when you lay the shirt on a flat surface before drawing and use only markers available through Chalk of the Town. Use of other markers may result in staining the chalkboard surface. To erase the chalkboard, slightly dampen a cotton cloth with water and wipe the surface clean. They recommend using the erasing cloth included in the kit, and why wouldn't you? You can let your imagination run wild and draw whatever occurs to you or use the kit stencil to express your personal interests and style. And don't worry — Chalk of the Town t-shirts are designed to be used, worn, erased and washed over and over again! They come in kid and adult sizes. The price for a kit which includes the shirt, a special marker, erase cloth and storage pouch is about $28.00. Adult sizes are about $32.00

- Chalk of the Town Website (chalk-of-the-town.com)
- Giz Wiz Video (YouTube)