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Episode 1447 December 10, 2017

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Audience Questions

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Watch Paul from Montecito, CA Comments

Paul has an iPod with some unreplaceable media on it. It won't let him charge anymore and he's afraid he's lost his media. Leo says it depends on how old it is. He should look on the back and see what the model number is. Chances are, the battery just doesn't hold a charge anymore. He may be able to replace the battery. Before he does that, though, he should try and get it powered up by connecting it to his computer. If it powers up, then he can get the data off with iTunes. If not, that model iPod has a spinning hard drive in it, so he could remove it. Then he can get a universal drive adapter to connect it to a computer and pull the data off. Leo recommends using Senuti to do it.

Paul should take it to the Apple Store and see if he can have Apple replace the battery. It won't be cheap, but it's worth it to get his data. He should tell them the story, and they may be able to help him.

Watch Rene from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Rene's internet access disconnects several times a day. Leo says he has the same problem and he knows it's the ISP. It could also be his mesh router, however. But the only way to check that is to use another router to eliminate it from the mix. Could it be a DDOS attack? Leo doesn't think so unless he knows of someone who is targeting him to keep him off the net. That's unlikely, though. It's probably just his ISP having issues.

Watch Jim from Las Vegas, NV Comments

Jim wanted to bring up a movie from 1970 called Colossus: The Forbin Project, which dealt with the futuristic unintended consequences of true artificial intelligence. If it is true artificial intelligence, it will be smarter than humans, and it'll realize it shouldn't leave its future to humans. Back in 1970, that seemed pretty far-fetched because there was no internet and computers weren't as sophisticated. But now we are much closer to this potentially being a reality.

The other question is that the AlphaGo Zero was creating their own expert systems as opposed to true artificial intelligence. Leo says there's something called General Artificial Intelligence, which is a human-like intelligence, and we're still very far from that. What we have now is a domain-specific intelligence.

Watch Gene from Manhattan, MT Comments

Gene has an old iPad 1 and 2, but he's forgotten his iCloud password to it so he can't get the old data off it. Leo says that Apple has a system called iForgot to reset passwords, but Gene no longer has the phone number it's identified with. Leo says if he calls Apple and explains that he no longer has that phone and number, Apple can still identify him manually. Once they've verified that Gene is Gene, they can reset the iCloud password.

Gene also has a third iPad that he just bought used. Leo says if the old owner hasn't reset the iPad and turned off find my iPad, it's going to still be tied to her account. So he should make sure the person he bought the iPad from turns off "Find my iPad," so that he can then reset it. It's an anti-theft measure.

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Watch Jack from Reseda, CA Comments

Jack is having issues with his iPad internet connection dropping out with streaming video. Leo says that his tablet may be older than his phone, so his phone is just getting a better, faster stream. Although it's working perfectly well for everything else, it may be time to get a new iPad for streaming. One thing he can try before he gets a new one is to reset the iPad. He should erase everything and reset it. Then update the OS. Then install Netflix and see how it goes.

Watch Bob from Chino Hills, CA Comments

Bob is a photography teacher and he uses Team Viewer to teach his students online. But he's looking for something that's easier to use, can let him teach more than one student at a time, and record it. Leo says that Team Viewer is the number one program to do what Bob wants to do.

There are some free solutions like VNCs, but they're not easy to use. Neither is Windows' own remote access. Another option is Remote PC. It has a free tier that's pretty easy, but it's Windows only. GoToMeeting isn't free, but it would let him work on multiple platforms. The chatroom recommends Join.Me.

Watch Greg from Riverside, CA Comments

Greg has a Mavic Pro Drone and he wants a new tablet to pair with the controller for a larger screen. Leo says that the Mavic is a very nice quadcopter with a nice camera in it. Leo says the iPad Mini is a good one, but the standard iPad would also be good, and larger. He should look to spend between $300 and $400 for it. Sadly, Samsung has stopped upgrading the software for their Galaxy Tab line, so that really won't be a good idea.

Tim uses the iPad Mini 4 with his DJI Spark and it fits snugly in the controller. So that's a good option for the previous caller.

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Watch Tim from Ohio Comments

Tim's wife has an iPhone that doesn't see the Apple TV through the remote app, but his iPhone does. Leo says he can have multiple remotes in the devices section, but he may have to have home sharing to use it. He's worried that if he uses that, purchases will be a problem. Leo says it used to be easier than that. But with home sharing, Apple seems to have linked it. Home sharing, though, really shouldn't be an issue. Tim should check out this iMore article on it. Sadly, Apple just can't do cloud services that well.

Watch Josh from Austin, TX Comments

Josh has discovered a crazy new keyboard interface called the TAP Wearable Keyboard. Leo says that it allows you to turn any surface into a keyboard, but you have to completely relearn how to type to use it. It's just available for preorder also, so it hasn't hit the market yet. Leo says this is a category that's going to blow up in the near future. It has an accelerometer built into it to read the movement of your fingers. But this is a very inconvenient way to type for those who have been typing for years. Court reporters would probably be able to naturally adjust to it.

Leo also points out that you'd have to have good mobility and control of your fingers. So it's not going to be good for those with accessibility issues. Leo recommends waiting until reviews come out before buying.

Watch Rich from Tuscon, AZ Comments

Rich has an old HDTV that is losing its ability to play audio until it warms up. It works better on analog, but not on HDMI. Leo suspects that the TV's digital to analog converter is going bad on it. One way to test this is to plug in some headphones and see if the problem persists. If it does, then he'll know it's the converter.

Will a soundbar bypass the problem? Leo says probably not since it would have the same issue. Another option is to use the ChannelMaster DVR and take the audio from that. Then his old TV just becomes a monitor.

Watch Philip from Dallas, TX Comments

Philip keeps getting messages that his OneDrive is full on Windows 10. Leo says that OneDrive is built into Windows 10 and it syncs his data to it online. He can't really remove it, but he can disable it. This article at explains how to do that.