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Watch Lance from San Diego, CA Comments

Lance bought a new Dell XPS 15 with a 4K screen for Christmas and he wants to know how to move his data and apps over to it from his old one. Leo says he isn't a fan of the transfer wizards because they usually bring over stuff that causes problems. So Leo recommends installing all of his apps separately. Backing up Outlook is fairly easy. Outlook stores everything in a file called Outlook.PST. So he can save that and then move it over once he's reinstalled Outlook on his new laptops. Or he can archive and install.

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Watch Paul from San Diego, CA Comments

Paul has an IOGear KVM switch to plug in his laptop to connect it to his desktop monitor and keyboard. Leo says he'll want to be sure he uses HDMI for the video connection. But he can certainly use it with his laptop and his desktop at the same time. He'll also need additional cables.

Watch Andrew from California Comments

Andrew's laptop goes to sleep and when he wakes it up, it shows a broken up video screen until he reboots. Leo says it wakes up confused, and he's not surprised since it's Windows. But he's never seen what Andrew describes. It usually causes problems like this with Hibernation, but not sleep. That's why he recommends disabling hibernate. But sleep shouldn't do that since the RAM gets refreshed regularly. If his BIOS is out of date, that could cause it. But it's never happened to Leo. Andrew should also make sure his display drivers are up to date. He can also try erasing the ESCD and resetting the BIOS settings to default.

Watch Doug from Ohio Comments

Doug has a Toshiba Laptop running Windows 8. After a recent update, it broke connectivity to his HP printer. Leo says Doug should go to HP's driver site to get the latest drivers for his printer. It may be that HP doesn't have a recent driver anymore for Doug's old printer. But that's the first place to start.

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Watch Ernesto from Pismo Beach, CA Comments

Ernesto needs a new cell phone for his father. He doesn't do any smart things like apps or texting. He just talks. He wants one that will work between the US and Mexico. Leo says that a "feature phone" is an easy and inexpensive purchase. Alcatel is one brand that works in both places. He should go to T-Mobile and he can probably get one for free on a pay as you go plan. They also offer free international data and cheap international calls. It'll also work in 190 other countries as well. The chatroom says that AT&T is best in Mexico.

Watch Greg from Pasadena, CA Comments

Greg has a Logitech video conference system and he wants to know if he can make an extension cable based on the PS2 cable. He made one, but it says "USB device not recognized." Logitech's extension is too short and expensive. Leo says there's probably some circuitry bonded into the cable that it's looking for. He may want to try splicing in additional cable in the original. He'll be destroying it, but it may work. He may also need to deal with DRM Copy Protection. But if the circuitry is on either end and he's splicing in more cable in the middle, he may be good to go.

Watch Rich from Tejunga, CA Comments

Rich has an Android phone and he wants to know if there's an auto dialer app when calling with a lot of busy signals. Leo says that the FCC has a delay requirement to prevent harassment. And there's a legal limit for the number of times you can autodial. SmartLife Digital has AutoDialer. It has a 20-second delay and it's intentional to prevent harassment. AppCrawlr has a dozen different apps to try.

Watch Rich from Tejunga, CA Comments

Rich also wants a two in one tablet/laptop for meetings. Leo says the Eve laptop/tablet is great. The Windows Surface Pro is also the best option. Another good option is the ThinkPad X1 YOGA.

Watch Eric from Long Beach, CA Comments

Eric is looking to get a Best Buy refurbished 2011 MacBook Pro for $600. Is that a good deal? Leo says he usually recommends getting a refurb model from the manufacturer. He'll get a warranty that way. Best Buy probably wiped the hard drive and checked a few things, but it's not strictly refurbished. 4GB RAM is also a little light, but it will support High Sierra MacOS. Warranty wise, a good refurb should include a 1-year warranty. 3 months won't really help him. Leo would also recommend spending a little more money and getting a 2015 model.

Watch Dale from Rancho Palos Verdes, CA Comments

Dale has invested in BitCoin, but he forgot his password. He requested it from CoinBase, but now Google Authenticator won't work. Coinbase's support is overwhelmed so he can't get in. So what can he do? Leo says that Bitcoin is rampant with fraud and that's why the Google Authenticator is used. But it may be that his account has been hacked. He may just have to be patient in contacting Coinbase to get them to reset it. But he shouldn't have an authenticator to reset a password.