Why don't new DSLR cameras have screens that swivel on the back?

Episode 1445 (1:31:47)

Mark from Singapore
Nikon D850

Leo isn't sure why more manufacturers don't have this, but his Sony A9 does have that. He can hold up the camera above his head and still see what he's shooting, or hold it down by his waist. It's great to be able to get different perspectives like that. Ironically both Canon and Nikon offer movable screens on their low-end cameras, but Mark wants one on a full-format prosumer model. Leo saw a report from Canon Rumors that Canon has patented a very large swivel display for a 1DX style mirrored camera. They don't offer it yet, but they have the patent. Leo doesn't think there's a technical reason for it, but maybe pros feel they don't need that. The Nikon D850 does have a screen that can be adjusted on the back, so this should be coming to more camera models as well.