What should I get in a new laptop?

Episode 1445 (17:57)

Jason from Richmond, VA
Lenovo ThinkPad T470s

Jason is looking to get a new laptop and he's thinking of getting a Lenovo. Leo says that it'll be tempting to get a consumer grade model, but Leo advises going with the business-grade ThinkPad line. The keyboards are better, and they are more repairable. Dell is another great option. They have a laptop with a bezel-less screen that is gorgeous. But Jason uses the JAWS screenreader because he's visually impaired, so the screen is not all that important.

How about an i7 processor? Leo says that he won't get much of a performance benefit from the i7 because they don't really utilize its top speed due to heat generation. They end up getting throttled down. How about the new 8th generation processor? Leo says Jason will notice a bit of a boost with that, but RAM is really going to be where Jason will get the most performance boost. He'll want as much as he can afford — at least 16GB. He should make sure to get it with an SSD as well.