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Watch Jason from Richmond, VA Comments

Jason is looking to get a new laptop and he's thinking of getting a Lenovo. Leo says that it'll be tempting to get a consumer grade model, but Leo advises going with the business-grade ThinkPad line. The keyboards are better, and they are more repairable. Dell is another great option. They have a laptop with a bezel-less screen that is gorgeous. But Jason uses the JAWS screenreader because he's visually impaired, so the screen is not all that important.

How about an i7 processor? Leo says that he won't get much of a performance benefit from the i7 because they don't really utilize its top speed due to heat generation. They end up getting throttled down. How about the new 8th generation processor? Leo says Jason will notice a bit of a boost with that, but RAM is really going to be where Jason will get the most performance boost. He'll want as much as he can afford — at least 16GB. He should make sure to get it with an SSD as well.

Watch Paul from Ohio Comments

Paul wonders if it would be possible to build a hard drive that could hold all the information available in the world. Leo says that currently, we have hard drives large enough to hold all the information in the Library of Congress. But we really don't know how much information we really have in the world. We do know that by 2025, there will be 163 ZetaBytes (a trillion gigabytes). We're creating data at a rate of 16 trillion GB a year. The largest hard drive out there is 8,000 GB. So probably not. But that's what we have the cloud and the internet for. So users can access all that data without it being in one central location.

Watch Paul from Ohio Comments

Paul wants to know how he can also keep track of his pets. Can he put a Trackr on the collar? Leo says that most trackers use Bluetooth and are designed to help find lost objects. But that would be a great idea that Leo thinks will eventually happen as a GPS device gets smaller and smaller. Then you'll be able to find a runaway dog that has been chipped. In the meantime, The Wirecutter has a great article on the best GPS pet trackers.

(Disclaimer: TrackR is a sponsor)

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Watch Jay from California Comments

Jay wants to know what he can use to block Javascript. Leo says that most people use NoScript, but he doesn't use it. Most websites use Javascript, so as he uses the browser, he would get bothered to load it over and over again. Eventually, it becomes useless. Leo uses a plugin called uBlock Origin. It's free, too.

Watch Aaron from Tampa, FL Comments

Aaron wants to know how he can listen to the Tech Guy live on the Amazon Echo. Leo says that the Echo has a skill to listen to the Tech Guy on TuneIn. Just say "Listen to the Tech Guy on TuneIn" and it will start playing. If he has the Echo Show, he can watch the live stream by saying "watch the Tech Guy on YouTube."

Watch Lee from Big Bear, CA Comments

Lee wants to know how he can be notified of a call on his iPhone 7. Leo says that if he looks at his phone icon, he'll see a red dot with the number of calls. Then he can tap it and see what calls he missed. What about an audio notification? Leo says that If This Then That may be able to give him what he needs. He should try the iPhone app, but Apple is pretty restrictive on opening up the iOS architecture. So that could be something it just won't let him do.

From Episode 1168: There is an audible notification setting in the iPhone:

Go to Settings > Notifications > Phone, and then turn notifications for missed calls on or off there. has an article on how to change these settings here. She can have it play any sound she wants, too.

Watch Mark from Singapore Comments

Leo isn't sure why more manufacturers don't have this, but his Sony A9 does have that. He can hold up the camera above his head and still see what he's shooting, or hold it down by his waist. It's great to be able to get different perspectives like that. Ironically both Canon and Nikon offer movable screens on their low-end cameras, but Mark wants one on a full-format prosumer model. Leo saw a report from Canon Rumors that Canon has patented a very large swivel display for a 1DX style mirrored camera. They don't offer it yet, but they have the patent. Leo doesn't think there's a technical reason for it, but maybe pros feel they don't need that. The Nikon D850 does have a screen that can be adjusted on the back, so this should be coming to more camera models as well.

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Watch Barb from Rancho Mirage, CA Comments

Barb wants to give her old iPad to her granddaughter. She wants to know how she can transfer her old data onto her new iPad and then wipe the old one. Leo says to connect her iPad to her computer and fire up iTunes. Then she can run the backup and sync utility (it should run automatically). Then, she'll check the iPad icon on iTunes and see when it's synced. She can also check encryption. That will encrypt everything including passwords. She'll just give it a master password, and then it'll backup the iPad.

Once done, she can wipe the iPad by going into the settings and choosing the complete reset. Then she can restore that backup to her new iPad. But she will have to re-download all fo her apps, audiobooks, music, etc.

Watch Dave from Big Bear, CA Comments

Dave gets slowed down online when his son gets on the computer. He can't do anything. Does he need a new router? Leo says that's likely the case since Dave's router is about 8 years old. Leo says that sometimes the DSL modem needs to be replaced as well. So he should contact his ISP and ask them for a newer one. But definitely buy a new router, since they do wear out after a few years. Leo would recommend an 802.11AC version. It's better at managing bandwidth. Leo also likes mesh routers. They're a little more expensive, but they will give him great wireless coverage. Leo recommends the Netgear Orbi. It'll improve the throughput too. Especially in a two-story home.

They aren't cheap. There are more affordable standard routers out there. Check out the Wirecutter recommendations here. They like the NetGear R7000P.

Watch Nathan from Grand Rapids, MI Comments

Nathan made "the switch" from the iPhone to the Google Pixel 2. He couldn't be happier. Leo says it's a great phone. Nathan ported his number to Google Voice, and it works great on his old number. But can he make Google Voice the default messaging app? Leo says no. He can make Google Hangouts his default messenger, and it'll show up in Google Voice. It'll even work on iOS.