The Best Phone of the Year

Episode 1444 (03:03)

Apple iPhone X

The holidays are a time where product releases and tech news slow down. This gives technology reporters a chance to look back over the year and come up with winners and losers. This is also when reviews really get into the nitty-gritty of what works and what doesn't. Looking at candidates for Phone of the Year, Leo says that there's plenty of contenders. From the Samsung Galaxy S8 to the Google Pixel 2 to the iPhone X.

Leo says that while it's not 100% perfect, the iPhone X should probably be phone of the year because it's been such an interesting device. That being said, it's not as good as it ought to be. Face ID doesn't work as well as promised. Leo says he's going to miss Touch ID because it worked so reliably (unless your hands were wet). He also thinks Apple decided on Face ID because they couldn't get Touch ID to work underneath a bezel-less screen. If you're an Android user, then the Google Pixel 2 is a great offering with the best camera.