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Watch John from Long Beach, CA Comments

John bought a Samsung Galaxy S7 to capture video and share it online. But when he records, he sees a lot of pixelation in it. Leo says it sounds like an odd compression issue. Leo advises trying different settings and using a different video camera app. He should also try a lower resolution or he should change the frame rate. If the issue persists, then it could be something called "macro-blocking" where a solid color like a sky ends up looking banded as a result of video compression. Cinema FV-5 could solve it also. If not, then the camera is incapable of being any better and he may need to return it.

Watch Phil from Concord, CA Comments

Phil is having issues with Google Voice, missing text messages, and voicemails. Leo says that Google has let Voice fall in quality since it bought it and may be moving away from it as a viable service. Even Hangouts isn't what it used to be. Leo used it when it was originally called Grand Central and it was great. But over the last year or so, it's really gotten hit or miss. Nowadays, Leo just uses it as a call forwarding service. But it may not be Google's fault. It may also be phone carriers who are engaging in anti-competitive behavior. Sadly, there is no real answer since Google is working on other voice options. So it's probably not going to get much better.

There are alternatives, such as Grasshopper. But he may have to pay a monthly fee for it.

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Watch Peter from Covina, CA Comments

Peter wants to know if there's a device that will charge multiple devices wirelessly. Leo says that Apple will be coming out with a product next year that will do just that. It uses the Qi standard and will charge an Apple Watch, iPhone, and AirPods. It's called AirPower. There are others, but the Apple Watch doesn't support Qi 100%, and as such, Apple has devised a way to do it. But it won't come out until sometime in 2018. Will an aftermarket charger work? Leo says if it's designed to handle multiple devices, then yes. But he may run into issues with his Apple Watch.

Watch Glenn from Louisiana Comments

Alan wants to get a new smartphone, but can't afford to buy them at full price. He doesn't like being tied to a contract, either. Leo says that Apple now has a pay as you go system, where you can make payments over two years interest-free, then turn it back in for a new model. Leo thinks it's the best way to go without subsidizing.

What's the best case? Leo likes Ringke. They are clear and very affordable, but they won't' protect the glass front. If he drops it just right, the screen will still shatter. But CaseMe has a "wallet phone case" that covers the screen. If protection is his top priority, then there's Otterbox.

Watch Christian from San Diego, CA Comments

Christian is installing new computers at his accounting company. He's going to be transferring the data from one computer to another and wants to know if Google Drive will work. Leo says absolutely not. There are serious privacy issues handling a client's financial information and personal details. Carbonite is a better option that is encrypted. He'll want to be sure that the data is not only encrypted at the destination but also in transit and that the keys are well controlled, ideally only by him. Microsoft has SharePoint, which uses Azure servers to protect. Leo would advise contacting Microsoft Business Services for an estimate.

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Watch Hans from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Hans is having issues with poor internet service in the mall where his store is located. He only gets 1.5 MBps for $85. Leo says that's awful. Leo says there's bound to be better options in his area, but he's stuck there in the mall. Leo says that's a scam where the mall makes an exclusive deal with an ISP and he's stuck with no other option. Maybe he could get several tenants together and go directly to the landlord of the mall and demand they offer a better option.

His only other choice is a wireless solution through LTE. He could also look into a MyFi system. Verizon offers a wireless business solution. If he has good LTE coverage, he should have no problems going that route. He should check his limits, though.

Watch Marco from Portugal Comments

Marco wants a better email client for his iPhone. He's not a fan of HTML based email. Leo says it's dangerous, but most mail clients including Apple Mail panders to users who want to see pretty pictures. But it's just not as secure. They do prevent loading of images unless you request them, but plain text will always be more secure.

How about a good antivirus for his iPhone? Leo says he doesn't have to worry about viruses in an iPhone or macOS. There haven't been any successful malware attempts on iOS.

Watch Diana from Seattle, WA Comments

Diana just bought a second tablet. How can she sync her games on both so she can play them? Leo says that's a feature of the game itself, not the OS or the tablet. She may have the ability through Google Play Games, but the app must support it.

Watch Isaac from Clinton, MS Comments

Isaac has a nice Sony home theater system. But with 4K, he wants to know if the difference in quality is worth rebuilding it in 4K. Leo says that Blu-ray is not only 4 times the resolution as 1080p, it also has the high dynamic range and that's more important. If his home theater supports HDR, then there's no problem. If not, he may want to think about it. Moving forward, he can start picking up UHD HDR Blu-rays for his collection. Billy Lynn, Master and Commander, the BBC Earth series — all are excellent.

Watch Adam from Pittsburgh, PA Comments

Adam has stopped using Chrome in favor of Firefox because it's gotten a lot faster. How can he cast from his browser like he can from Chrome? Leo says that Chrome does it natively. Leo says he'll need an extension from Firefox to do it and that may be hard to do.