What's the best internet connected security camera?

Episode 1443 (1:18:17)

Debbie from Rolling Heights, CA
Lighthouse camera

Debbie is looking for an internet connected security camera to keep an eye on her mom. Leo says that there are plenty of those around, including the Nest camera. But there's also a good camera out there that will ping her if it doesn't see her mom for some time. It's called the Lighthouse and it has a time of flight 3D sensor, which is based on LIDAR technology. It'll also alert her when someone is in the house that it doesn't recognize. It'll also notify Debbie if her mom waves at the camera. It has a speaker and mic as well, so she can talk to her directly.

Debbie is concerned that a device like that will engage in data mining. Leo says that he'd have to kind of make peace with that and trust the company, and Leo has talked to the owners of this company and he trusts them.

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