Should I buy a laptop or an all-in-one?

Episode 1443 (49:13)

Randy from Big Bear Lake, CA
HP Envy All in One

Randy is looking to get a laptop. Is Cyber Monday a good time to buy? Leo says that there will likely be some great deals. Leo prefers business grade laptops like the Lenovo ThinkPad. They're very robust. There are great support plans available too, including a one day turn around fix or replace option. Dell's Precision line is also worth taking a look at. An all-in-one Dell XPS would also be great if he's looking for a desktop replacement. Randy should also check out HP's all-in-ones. They have a 50% off Cyber Monday sale. Leo prefers the Envy line. It's the best all-in-one system going.

But the downside of an all-in-one is, if anything breaks, it all breaks.And he won't be able to upgrade it. But it has a small footprint and they look great on the desk.

As for tower PCs, Leo says to go with Dell. Randy should spend his money on a nice 34" monitor. It has a slight curve. Since he'll pay less for the tower, he can put those savings into the screen. Leo also says to buy direct from Dell. He'll get a good deal on a newer model. Big Box stores usually offer Black Friday deals on last year's model.