Chris Marquardt on Photography

Episode 1443 (1:07:15)

Chris Marquardt

Chris has a new podcast called The Future of Photography. The field is in a massive revolution right now, with so many new things you can do with your smartphone to take pictures and artificial intelligence that can analyze different parts of the image and adjust them accordingly. There is a lot of computation that's now going on with cameras, making them just as much a computer as they are a camera. The software can even adjust distortion that comes from using a lower quality lens.

Photo editing software can do facial recognition and it can organize your photos according to elements and locations. Smartphones have depth sensor technology that can check the depth of field as well. And that technology will come into play with augmented reality.

Adobe has content-aware technology like Deep Fill that will understand the elements in a photo and will replace inferior sections of your image with better backgrounds like a sky, for instance. It's really remarkable.