Can I still buy an MP3 player?

Episode 1443 (38:25)

Martin from Rancho Cuca Monga
FiiO X1 High Resolution Lossless Music Player

Martin wants to know if he can still buy MP3 players. He wants to bring his music with him and doesn't want to stream it. He also doesn't have a lot of storage on his phone. Leo says that there are still some available, though the category is shrinking. SanDisk has the Clip, which has 16GB of space. It's around $30 and is very simple. Search Amazon and he'll find a lot of them, mostly Chinese made. MyMahdi is just like an iPod, and as cheap as $13. If money isn't an issue, there's also high definition audio MP3 players like Fiio X1. It's $99 on Amazon.

How would he manage it? Leo says they get recognized as a hard drive on the computer and he can simply drag and drop files onto them. Leo recommends using Media Monkey. It's free and the basic app does a lot of sophisticated features including album art, numbering the tracks, and playlists. The chatroom says that Music Bee is another popular one. Leo also uses something called Foobar2000 and Senuti.