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Watch Olga from Arizona Comments

Olga and her husband are blind, and she wants to know how the accessibility is for the Mellow Cooker with her iPhone. Will it tell her what to do when she links the two together? Leo says the Mellow has no controls, so it would be controlled with an app. The app will walk them through it. They can just flash the Wi-Fi info from the phone, and then they'll be able to control it from the app.

Leo also says that the accessibility features are different on the iPhone X because there aren't really any buttons for navigating through it. This may make it a bit more of a challenge. Apple has always been serious about accessibility, but this could be a challenge for those who are sight impaired.

Watch Paul from Columbus, OH Comments

Paul has Spectrum internet and is using an Eero mesh router. His bandwidth was upgraded to 100 Mbps down, 12 up, but he hasn't noticed an improvement in speed when streaming. Leo says that he'll want consistency over speed when it comes to streaming. Every device wants to be first on the network to get priority and "shape the bandwidth." It's all about quality of service. He may want to look at his cable modem. If it's older, it could be the weak link in the chain.

Leo suggests that Paul buy his own DOCSIS III because it'll be newer, it'll pay for itself, and he'll save on that monthly rental. He should just make sure it's supported by Spectrum. Then he can connect his router to it directly. He may also want to get a gigabit switch.

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Watch Martin from Rancho Cuca Monga Comments

Martin wants to know if he can still buy MP3 players. He wants to bring his music with him and doesn't want to stream it. He also doesn't have a lot of storage on his phone. Leo says that there are still some available, though the category is shrinking. SanDisk has the Clip, which has 16GB of space. It's around $30 and is very simple. Search Amazon and he'll find a lot of them, mostly Chinese made. MyMahdi is just like an iPod, and as cheap as $13. If money isn't an issue, there's also high definition audio MP3 players like Fiio X1. It's $99 on Amazon.

How would he manage it? Leo says they get recognized as a hard drive on the computer and he can simply drag and drop files onto them. Leo recommends using Media Monkey. It's free and the basic app does a lot of sophisticated features including album art, numbering the tracks, and playlists. The chatroom says that Music Bee is another popular one. Leo also uses something called Foobar2000 and Senuti.

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Watch Randy from Big Bear Lake, CA Comments

Randy is looking to get a laptop. Is Cyber Monday a good time to buy? Leo says that there will likely be some great deals. Leo prefers business grade laptops like the Lenovo ThinkPad. They're very robust. There are great support plans available too, including a one day turn around fix or replace option. Dell's Precision line is also worth taking a look at. An all-in-one Dell XPS would also be great if he's looking for a desktop replacement. Randy should also check out HP's all-in-ones. They have a 50% off Cyber Monday sale. Leo prefers the Envy line. It's the best all-in-one system going.

But the downside of an all-in-one is, if anything breaks, it all breaks.And he won't be able to upgrade it. But it has a small footprint and they look great on the desk.

As for tower PCs, Leo says to go with Dell. Randy should spend his money on a nice 34" monitor. It has a slight curve. Since he'll pay less for the tower, he can put those savings into the screen. Leo also says to buy direct from Dell. He'll get a good deal on a newer model. Big Box stores usually offer Black Friday deals on last year's model.

Watch Jesse from Mesa, AZ Comments

Jesse wants to know how he can bypass the BIOS password on his laptop. Leo says BIOS is backed up with a battery and he'll need to pop that out and then reset the CMOS memory jumper switch. He could find instructions on iFixIt, or a simple Google search will do. But it may not work.

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Watch Anthony from Ontario, CA Comments

Anthony is thinking of buying a Series 3 Apple Watch. Is it waterproof? Leo says yes, and he could even wear it swimming. It comes in two different versions: One with cellular and another without. With the LTE version, he could his phone at home if he goes running. Leo also says that the Apple Watch, and other watches like it, promise more than they deliver.

It is great for notifications, and as they mature, they become more useful, especially if he's a fitness fan.

Watch Debbie from Rolling Heights, CA Comments

Debbie is looking for an internet connected security camera to keep an eye on her mom. Leo says that there are plenty of those around, including the Nest camera. But there's also a good camera out there that will ping her if it doesn't see her mom for some time. It's called the Lighthouse and it has a time of flight 3D sensor, which is based on LIDAR technology. It'll also alert her when someone is in the house that it doesn't recognize. It'll also notify Debbie if her mom waves at the camera. It has a speaker and mic as well, so she can talk to her directly.

Debbie is concerned that a device like that will engage in data mining. Leo says that he'd have to kind of make peace with that and trust the company, and Leo has talked to the owners of this company and he trusts them.

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Watch Karen from DIamond Bar, CA Comments

Karen tries to play audiobook files on her phone but they don't play in the proper order. Leo says that's likely because the player isn't very smart, and can't read the metadata. It's only looking at a file name. So she may need to number those media files in order so it will read them back properly. A better player will do.

Leo recommends LibriVox. It's an open source player for spoken words. Here's a list of other alternative Android apps that will do this.

Watch Jonathan from New York, NY Comments

Jonathan wants to know if CarPlay will support Android and Google Play Music. Leo says that Google Play Music will be coming to CarPlay soon. Although it's unclear when it will get seeded down to older models. Siri probably won't interact with it or control it, though. This seems counter to the very idea of CarPlay to begin with — that it's a handsfree experience when driving.

(Image by iphonedigital on Flickr via CC BY-SA 2.0).

Watch Ray from Greensboro, NC Comments

Ray uses a Chromebook and after a recent update, it won't play videos on YouTube. What happened? Leo says it sounds like the update didn't really install properly. A "power wash" of the OS may fix the problem. There could also be an ad blocker that's preventing the video from playing. Ray should also turn off hardware acceleration in the settings.

It may be an issue on YouTube's end. There may be an HTML5 problem. He should remove all of the plugins and reset the browser. He can also go to and make sure it's not misinterpreting what his device is. He can also change the codecs it'll support. He can uncheck some and see if it works better.

It's definitely a codec issue. An update will likely come soon to fix it.

Watch Charles from Colton, CA Comments

Charles bought a new computer and is trying to back up his operating system before he gets going. Leo says it's a good idea to make an image right at the beginning. He can even do it on a small 8GB USB thumb drive and keep it in his pocket. The laptop will likely have a rescue utility that will enable him to create a restore rescue disc, but he can also use the Windows 10 backup feature. Just press Windows Key and type "Backup" and then go to backup settings. Then click "Backup and Restore (Windows 7)." This is actually an image backup, and it will create a system image. Here are other options for creating a disk image:

Watch Brian from Indio, CA Comments

Brian is trying to play Leo's Tech Guy podcast using the Amazon Echo, but it keeps playing an old episode from TuneIn. Leo tried it, and it does indeed pull up an old episode. Leo suspects it's the fault of TWiT that may not have uploaded the most recent episodes. Or there's an issue on TuneIn. Another option could be to ask Echo to play it via YouTube or straight from